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Chamber Music: Kinds of Resources

Information and resources for the study and performance of chamber music

What's available?

What resources are available for MUSIC MAJORS?

1.  Reference resources (print & online).

2.  Course reserves - materials set aside for a particular class and given a limited circulation period.

3.  Books about music ("ML" = "Music Literature" and "MT" = "Music Theory & Pedagogy").

4.  Scores ("M"):
         Mini-scores - for study purposes
         Full scores - for study or conducting
         Scores & parts - for chamber music
         Piano reductions - of ballets, symphonies
         Piano-vocal scores - reductions of operas, oratorios, cantatas
         Vocal scores - for solo voice or voice with piano accompaniment

5.  Audio recordings:
         Compact discs
         Vinyl recordings = 33 1/3 LPs
         Streaming audio (from Naxos Music Library and OhioLINK Music Center)

6.  Visual materials:
         Videocassettes (VHS)


7.  Online Commercial Databases, such as:
         Academic Search Complete
         Grove Music Online
         Naxos Music Library
         RILM Abstracts of Music Literature

         WorldCat - WorldCat is really an online union [library] catalog.  It provides information on the holdings of thousands of libraries around the world!  Use WorldCat to find materials not available via Maag Library or OhioLINK!

Where can I find these materials?

Now I know what's here, but ... WHERE can I find these things?

1.   Reference
         Print materials:  Maag Library, Reference Dept. (main floor) and Multimedia Center (3rd floor)
         Online databases / resources:   Maag Library Web Page (

2.   Reserves - Be sure you know the course name, title, and type of reserve item you seek!
         Print - ask at the Maag Circulation Desk
         Media - ask in the Multimedia Center
         Online - Go to the Maag Library Web Page (

3.   Books about music ("ML" and "MT") - Maag Library, 3rd floor

4.   Scores ("M")
         Mini-scores - after the Oversize Scores and before the regular size scores
         Full scores - Oversize and regular size are on the 3rd floor, right outside the MMC
         Scores & parts - same as above (by LC call number)         
         Piano reductions - "
         Piano-vocal scores - "
         Vocal scores - "

5.   Audio recordings
         Compact discs - Maag Library Multimedia Center, ask for them by CD number
         Vinyl recordings - Maag Library Multimedia Center, ask for them by call number         
        Streaming audio (from Naxos Music Library or OhioLINK Music Center) -
            go to Library Webpage, under "QuickLinks" - "Research Databases" - "by Type" - "Digital Media"

6.   Visual materials - Maag Library Multimedia Center, ask for them by call number
         Videocassettes (VHS)

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