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Communication Studies: Primary Sources

General resources for research in the area of Communication

Do I Need a Bibliography?

Use these links and the General Resources tab for your Group Project.

Don't forget that even speeches require citations for all information that is not "general knowledge." Be sure to include a printed bibliography and to give a verbal citation for facts you use. The "Citations" tab in this LibGuide will take you to another LibGuide that has examples for whatever citation style you use.

Primary Sources

Primary sources are any writings, interviews, recordings, etc., that were written or created at the time the event occurred. These primary sources are critical for your group project.

Be sure to interview people who are involved with the issue you're researching -- maybe try someone at the organization where you are volunteering. They may be seeing firsthand the problem you are studying.

Local Information

Some Communications assignments may involve discussing a specific problem occuring in the greater Youngstown area.

The resources listed under the "General Resources" tab will be helpful, but you will also want to use other resources related to the Mahoning Valley area. Here are some:

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