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Violin Resources: Books

Resources for violin performance, research, and repertoire

How can I find books about the violin?

You can search by title, author, or both on MaagNET.

Below are general call number ranges for information about the violin. You can browse the shelves or you can consult MaagNET for a listing of materials by call number. To search by call number in MaagNET, select LC Call Number and enter the beginning of a call number, ex. ML960.



 photograph of a violin and bow
Suggested Call Numbers for Books about the Violin
ML800 - ML802 history of violin music (ML800, ML802)
ML850 - ML857 history of violin performance (ML850, ML855, ML857)
MT260 - MT272 studies and methods for violin (MT260, MT261, MT262, MT263, MT264, MT265, MT266, MT267, MT268, MT269, MT270, MT271, MT272)
MT266 orchestral excerpts (MT266)
  A link is not provided for call numbers that are currently not in use in Maag Library.


David Oistrakh - Brahms Violin Concerto in D Major

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