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THTR 1559 - Play Production: Getting Started

Resources for the researching, analyzing, and producing a play

General Information for Theater Studies

Maag Library uses the Library of Congress (LC) Classification System.  Unlike the Dewey Decimal System, the LC System is an alpha-numeric system, employing both letters and numbers.  Every LC call number begins with a letter or letters which designate the general subject of the material.  In the LC classification system, theatre materials can be found in a variety of letter/number combinations.  Below are some of the most frequently used designations for theatre resources.

GT500 - GT2289 Costumes -- history/description  
GT2290 - GT2341 Hair, cosmetics
GT1747 Masks
NA Architecture
ND2885 Scene painting
NK8802 - NK8998 Textile arts
PN1600 - PN3307 Drama
PN2068 Make-up
PN2091 .E4 Electric devices; stage lighting
PN2091 .S8 Stage settings; scenery
PN2061 - PN2071 Art of acting
PN2085 - PN2901 The stage and accessories
PN2091 .S6 Sound effects
PN2131 - PN2145 Ancient theatre History
PN2152 - PN2160 Medieval theatre history
PN2171 - PN2179 Renaissance theatre history
PN2181 - PN2193 Modern theatre history
PN3035 The Jewish theatre
PN6110.5 - PN6120 Play collections
PR621 - PR739 English literature-drama
PR641 - PR739 History of drama literature
PS330 - PS352 American literature-drama
TS545 - TT850 Costumes -- construction

General Reference for Theater