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Financial Literacy Library Guide: Journal Finder

Financial Literacy Library Guide Contents


Maag Journal Finder ButtonUse Maag Journal Finder to locate the print and/or electronic holdings of journals. You can search for a specific journal title or browse journals by title or subject. This is the best way to locate an article if you already have the citation!

If you are having trouble locating the full text of an article, check Maag Journal Finder to view print & electronic holdings for the journal. If MJF does not lead you to full text of the article, use the Request Forms to order the article electronically. InterLibrary Loan can locate most articles and will email you with a PDF attachment (takes  approximately one week).

Financial Literacy & Education Publications

Following is a list of some of the publications in which you may find articles about financial literacy & education. You may also want to consult Finance: Money & Banking Library Guide: Maag Journal Finder for a more in-depth list of financial publications.

BSC=Business Source Complete; EJC=Electronic Journal Center;
MFP=MasterFILE Premier

LNA=LexisNexis Academic: Finding source(s) when off campus: Sources (blue tabs) → Find Sources → Enter title in Keyword search box → Find Sources → Select source(s) → OK - Continue → Enter Search Terms → Search

College Student Journal: 6/1/1996-present in MFP: OFF CAMPUS

Financial Planning: 7/1/1998-present in BSC: OFF CAMPUS

Financial Services Review: 6/1/1991-present in BSC: OFF CAMPUS

Financial Times: 1982-present in LNA: LNA OFF CAMPUS

Journal of Applied Finance: 3/1/1991-present in BSC: OFF CAMPUS

Journal of Applied Financial Research: 3/1/2011-present in BSC: OFF CAMPUS

Journal of Behavioral Finance: 1/1/2000-present (18 month delay) in BSC: OFF CAMPUS

Journal of College Student Development: 2003-present in EJC

Journal of Consumer Affairs: 6/1/1967-present in BSC: OFF CAMPUS

Journal of Economic Psychology: 1995-present in EJC

Journal of Education for Business: 9/1/1990-present (18 month delay) in BSC: OFF CAMPUS

Journal of Financial Counseling & Planning: 1/1/2004-present in BSC: OFF CAMPUS

Journal of Financial Education: 3/1/2011-present in BSC: OFF CAMPUS

Journal of Financial Planning: 7/1/1988-present in BSC: OFF CAMPUS

Journal of Personal Finance: 3/1/2008-present in BSC: OFF CAMPUS

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance: 7/1/1990-present in BSC: OFF CAMPUS

Money: 1/1/1978-present in BSC: OFF CAMPUS

Money: 6/1/2002-present in BSC: OFF CAMPUS

Money & Finance: 9/1/2007-present in BSC: OFF CAMPUS

Money Management: 11/6/2003-present in BSC: OFF CAMPUS

Money Today: 8/7/2008-present in BSC: OFF CAMPUS

NBER Working Papers

Full subscription to National Bureau of Economic Research working papers.

   ◊ The Age of Reason: Financial Decisions Over the Lifecycle (2007)
   ◊ Americans' Financial Capability (2011)
   ◊ Debt Literacy, Financial Experiences, and Overindebtedness (2009)
   ◊ The Economic Importance of Financial Literacy: Theory and Evidence (2013)
   ◊ Financial Literacy Among the Young: Evidence & Implications for Consumer Policy (2009)
   ◊ Financial Literacy and High-Cost Borrowing in the United States (2013)
   ◊ Financial Literacy and Planning: Implications for Retirement Well-Being (2011)
   ◊ Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning in the United States (2011)
   ◊ Financial Literacy and Stock Market Participation (2007)
   ◊ Financial Literacy and the Financial Crisis (2012)
   ◊ Financial Literacy: An Essential Tool for Informed Consumer Choice? (2008)
   ◊ Financial Literacy Around the World: An Overview (2011)
   ◊ Financial Literacy, Financial Education and Economic Outcomes (2012)
   ◊ Financial Literacy, Retirement Planning, and Household Wealth (2011)
   ◊ Financial Literacy, Schooling, and Wealth Accumulation (2010)
   ◊ Financial Knowledge and Financial Literacy at the Household Level (2010)
   ◊ How Financial Literacy and Impatience Shape Retirement Wealth and Investment Behaviors (2011)
   ◊ Household Saving Behavior: The Role of Financial Literacy, Information, and Financial Education Programs

   ◊ How Ordinary Consumers Make Complex Economic Decisions: Financial Literacy and Retirement Readiness

  Numeracy, Financial Literacy, and Financial Decision-Making (2012)
   ◊ Optimal Financial Knowledge and Wealth Inequality (2013)
   ◊ The Outlook for Financial Literacy (2011)
   ◊ Planning and Financial Literacy: How Do Women Fare? (2008)
   ◊ The Role of Financial Literacy in Determining Retirement Plans (2010)
   ◊ What Does Financial Literacy Training Teach Us? (2010)