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Ohio Economic Information Library Guide: OHIO HISTORY


Listed below are some of the print resources available in Maag Library that relate to Ohio history. Reference materials are available for in-library use only and are shelved alphabetically by call number in the Reference Room on the main floor of the library. General collection books are shelved alphabetically by call number on floors 3-6A. Oversize materials are located on the first bank(s) of shelves on each floor. To determine on which floor of the library your item is shelved, use the Building Guide online or signs posted in the Reference Room and by the elevators. Other books and materials about Ohio history can be found through MaagNET, the Maag Library online catalog.

Buckeye Presidents: Ohioans in the White House Buckeye Women: The History of Ohio ’s Daughters A Hundred Days to Richmond: Ohio’s “Hundred Days” Men in the Civil War Ohio and its People: Bicentennial Ohio Place Names

All About Ohio Almanac: Instant Information About Hundreds of Subjects Maag Stacks F491 .A44 1994

Buckeye Presidents: Ohioans in the White House Maag Stacks E176.1 .B83 2003
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Buckeye Women: The History of Ohio ’s Daughters Maag Stacks HQ1438 .O3 B66 2001
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County by County in Ohio Genealogy REF Z1323 .O44 1977

Evolution of Ohio County Boundaries Maag Stacks F497 .B7 D6 1970

For the Union: Ohio Leaders in the Civil War Maag Stacks E525 .W5

Frontier Ohio: A Resource Guide for Teachers Maag Stacks F490.5 .W35

A Hundred Days to Richmond: Ohio’s “Hundred Days” Men in the Civil War Maag Stacks E525.4 .H86 1999
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Indian Cultures of Ohio: A Resource Guide for Teachers Maag Stacks F490.5 .I5 1973

Indians of Ohio and Indiana Prior to 1795 Maag Stacks E78 .O3 I5

No Strength Without Union: An Illustrated History of Ohio Workers, 1803-1980 Oversize HD8083 .O3 B63 1982

Ohio: A Bicentennial History Maag Stacks F491 .H4

Ohio Almanac History Maag Stacks AY271 .L6 O52 1977

Ohio and its People Maag Stacks F491 .K63 2003
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Ohio: A Student’s Guide to Localized History Maag Stacks F491 .W45

The Ohio Black History Guide Maag Stacks Z1361 .N39 O55

The Ohio Frontier: An Anthology of Early Writings Maag Stacks F495 .O353 1996
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The Ohio Frontier: Crucible of the Old Northwest, 1720-1830 Maag Stacks F495 .H94 1996
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Ohio Historic Inventory Manual Maag Stacks F492 .O3895 1976

Ohio History Sketches Maag Stacks F492 .P36
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Ohio Place Names Maag Stacks F489 .M55 1996
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Ohio Place Names: The Origin of the Names of Over 500 Ohio Cities, Towns, and Villages Maag Stacks F492 .O8

An Ohio Portrait Maag Stacks F491 .K64

An Ohio Reader Maag Stacks F491 .O39 (2 volumes)

Tales of the Ohio Land Maag Stacks PS3563 .A85 T3

This is Ohio: Ohio’s 88 Counties in Words and Pictures Maag Stacks F497 .A15 I9 1965


Along the Ohio Trail: A Short History of Ohio Lands
A publication of The Ohio Auditor of State’s Office.

The Evolution of Ohio
Information about the 11 major territories in Ohio: economic patterns; population trends; migratory patterns; historical information. Comparisons can be made between the different territories.

Famous Ohioans

Historic House Museums in Ohio
Victorian Preservation Association of Santa Clara Valley.

National Register of Historic Places: Ohio

Ohio Exploration Society
Group of urban explorers who visit well-known historical locations and those forgotten over time. Members photograph and research locations from abandoned buildings to rural cemeteries to ancient Indian mounds to wonders of nature.

Ohio in the Civil War

Ohio History Connection
Mission: Help people connect with Ohio’s past in order to understand the present and create a better future.
      ♦ African Americans in Ohio
      ♦ Virtual First Ohioans
      ♦ OhioPix
      ♦ Military Records in Ohio
      ♦ Remarkable Ohio
      ♦ Severe Weather in Ohio
      ♦ Select Ohio Public Records Index
      ♦ Ohio's Digitized Newspapers
      ♦ Ohio History Journal

Ohio History Central: An Online Encyclopedia of Ohio History
The Ohio Historical Society. Readily accessible, online resource that documents Ohio’s natural history, prehistory, and history through encyclopedic-style entries that are complemented with multimedia elements.

Ohio Memory: An Online Scrapbook of Ohio History
Collaborative digital library project of the Ohio Historical Society and the State Library of Ohio, which includes collections from more than 354 cultural heritage institutions from all of Ohio’s 88 counties.
Keyword searchable repository of thousands of photos, texts and documents relating to Ohio’s history. Search or browse the collections of Ohio newspaper photo archives, yearbooks, local historical publications and more.

Profile Ohio: Overview of the people, places and events that make Ohio unique.

Wikipedia: History of Ohio

Youngstown State University Oral History Digital Collection
Collects and preserves first-person narratives of northeastern Ohioans who have participated in, or closely observed events, which have significantly affected both the state and nation. Includes personal narratives focusing on World War II, Vietnam, Youngstown College (University), Greek, Puerto Rican, Romanian, Russian and Italian culture, industry (steel, pottery, brick, labor relations, coal, and railroads), politics, the Holocaust, and religion.