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Ohio Economic Information Library Guide: Reference Sources


Reference materials are shelved alphabetically by call number in the Reference Room on the main floor of the library. Ready Reference materials are held at the Reference Desk.

2007 Ohio Building Code REF KFO459 .A1 O5 2007x 2011 AVAILABLE ONLINE
2007 Ohio Mechanical Code REF KFO459.75 .A25 2007X 2011 AVAILABLE ONLINE
2007 Ohio Plumbing Code REF KFO459.3 .A4 2007 2011 AVAILABLE ONLINE

The Book of the States REF JK2403 .B6 2016
Premier compilation of information about the states and territories.
>>Previous editions from 1937 located in Maag Stacks at call number JK2403 .B6

Community Sourcebook of County Demographics READY REF HA203 .S65 2007 19th ed.
Information for individual counties within Ohio includes: Population Change; Population Composition (Race%, Age Distribution, Median Age, %Males/Females); Households (Households, Families); Income (Median Household Income, Household Income Distribution, Home Value Distribution, Median Home Value); Spending Potential Indices (Financial Services, The Home, Entertainment, Personal).

Community Sourcebook of ZIP Code Demographics READY REF HA203 .S66 2007 21st ed.
Information for individual ZIP codes within Ohio includes: Population Change (Population, Households, Families); Population Composition (Race%, Age Distribution, Median Age, %Males/Females); Income (Median Household Income, Household Income Distribution, Home Value Distribution, Median Home Value); Spending Potential Indices (Financial Services, The Home, Entertainment, Personal). >>About This Book

County & City Data Book READY REF HA202 .A36 2007 AVAILABLE ONLINE
U.S. Census Bureau, Economics and Statistics Administration supplement to the Statistical Abstract of the United States. Convenient summary of statistics on the social and economic structure of the counties and cities of the U.S. Statistical reference and guide to other data publications and sources. Includes a selection of data from many statistical publications and electronic sources, both government and private. >>About This Book

County and City Extra: Annual Metro, City, and County Data Book READY REF HA203 .C68 2015
Key demographic and economic data for every state, county, metropolitan area, congressional district, and for all cities in the United States with a 2010 population of 25,000 or more.

County and City Extra: Special Historical Edition, 1790-2010 READY REF HA214 .C353 2015x
Brings together data from the earliest days of our nation through 2010. >>Google Books Preview

CQ’s State Fact Finder: Rankings Across America REF HA203 .C77 2007
Congressional Quarterly. Comprehensive statistics on states and supplements them with interpretive resources and tools to help users make sense of the data. The “Subject Rankings” section constitutes the core of the volume, featuring more than 265 tables of data and rankings for all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. >>About This Book

D&B Regional Business Directory: Cleveland Area REF HG4058 .C6 D86 2014 (3 volumes)

Datapedia of the United States: American History in Numbers REF HA202 .D378 2007
Compendium of the most significant historical statistics of the U.S. from 1790 to 2007, as well as demographic and other select data projections through 2050. Complete and convenient profile of the U.S. covering all its vital sectors, including the labor market, social welfare, and national defense. Generally, only national data are shown.
>>Available through EBSCO Ebooks
>>About This Book / Google Books Preview

Datapedia of the United States 1790-2005: America Year by Year REF HA202 .K87 2001
Presents the most significant historical statistics of the U.S. in 23 selected areas from 1776 to 2000. Based on Historical Statistics of the United States from Colonial Times and Statistical Abstract of the United States as well as data from numerous other publications. Serves as a complete and convenient statistical profile of the U.S. covering all its vital sectors. >>About This Book

Demographics of the U.S.: Trends and Projections REF HB849.49 .R875 2007
Compilation of statistics that cannot be found in one single volume anywhere else, documenting the demographic and socioeconomic trends that have transformed the U.S. since 1950. A reference book for those who want perspective on the many changes in American life. Most data is national, but some statistics are broken down by state.
>>About This Book
>>2012/4th Edition Available through OhioLINK

The Documentary Heritage of Ohio REF F491 .D64 2000
With informative and accessible introductions to each document, the editors have produced a book of record that reveals the sources of Ohio’s heritage. A must for any who wish to appreciate the state’s historic accomplishments and rich heritage.
>>About This Book

Editor & Publisher Market Guide: The Directory of Newspaper Markets and Demographics REF HF5415.3 .E35 2008
Data on more than 1,600 daily newspaper cities in the U.S. and Canada, everything from ethnic breakdowns to shopping mall information to banking data. Features 2000 U.S. Census population figures, as well as current estimates for population, housing and income data, and retail sales amounts.

Encyclopedia of Ohio REF F489 .E5 1994
A single source for the most useful information about the State of Ohio.

The Encyclopedia of the Midwest REF F351 .C33 1989
Over 2500 entries explore, in an easy-to-read A-to-Z format, the historical and current events of this area, its places, personalities, institutions and statistics. Extensive entries provide essential information for each of the region’s eight states (Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Missouri).

A Geography of Ohio REF F491.8 .G46 1996
21 scholars describe and discuss the state’s evolution. Ohio’s geography is divided into four areas: physical, cultural, urban, and economic.
>>2008 Edition Available in Maag Stacks
>>About This Book / Google Books Preview

Harris Ohio Industrial Directory READY REF HD9727 .O3 O37

Historical Statistics of the States of the United States: Two Centuries of the Census, 1790-1990 REF HA214 .D63 1993
A census-focused compilation of state-level population, agriculture, and manufacturing data for the 50 states and the District of Columbia.
>>About This Book

The History of Ohio REF F491 .G13 (5 volumes)

The Ohio Almanac: An Encyclopedia of Indispensable Information About the Buckeye Universe
READY REF AY271 .L6 O5 2004
Biographies, charts, lists, single-page features, explanatory asides, and hundreds of links and capsule web reviews of Ohio's handiest sites.
>>About This Book

Ohio Atlas & Gazetteer READY REF ATLAS G1395 .D4 1999
Detailed maps of the entire state.

Ohio Legal Research Guide
REF KFO75 .P88 1997
Reference work to aid attorneys, paralegals, law librarians, law professors, and students who are doing Ohio legal research.
>>About This Book

The Origin and Distribution of Settlement Groups: Ohio: 1850 REF F495 .W64 1982

Profiles of Ohio: History, Statistics, Demographics for All 1,197 Populated Places in Ohio, Including Comparative Statistics & Rankings REF HA571 .P76 3rd ed. (2012)
Sections include: Profiles, Education, Ancestry, Hispanic Population, Asian Population, Weather, Maps. All sections include Comparative Statistics or Rankings. Contains information for individual cities, CDPs (Census Designated Places), villages, and unincorporated postal areas in all 88 counties of Ohio.
>>About This Book

Profiles of Pennsylvania: History, Statistics, Demographics for all 3,385 Populated Places in Pennsylvania, Including Comparative Statistics & Rankings  REF HA601 .P76 2009
Seven major sections include: Profiles, Education, Ancestry, Hispanic Population, Asian Population, Weather, Maps. All sections include Comparative Statistics or Rankings.
>>About This Book

State and Metropolitan Area Data Book READY REF HA2002 .S84 (2010) AVAILABLE ONLINE
Information about individual states and metropolitan areas. Includes: Area and Population; Components of Population Change; Population by Age, Race, and Sex; Population Characteristics 2000 Census; Births, Deaths, Infant Deaths; Physicians, Community Hospitals, Medicare, Social Security, and SSI; Housing Units and Building Permits; Personal Income and Earnings by Industry; Labor Force and Private Business Establishments and Employment; Banking, Retail Trade, and Accommodation and Food Services; and Government.
>>About This Book

The State Economic Handbook REF HA203 .S723 2010
Key economic, demographic, and political information for each of America’s 50 states.

State Information Directory REF JK2679 .S69 2002/2003

State Profiles: The Population and Economy of Each U.S. StateState Profiles: The Population and Economy of Each U.S. State READY REF HA214 .S836 2010x
Data on key demographic and economic indicators for each state and the District of Columbia. Each state is covered by a compact chapter that allows easy comparisons and timely analysis between the states. Data comes from a variety of sources: Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of Labor Statistics, FBI, International Trade Administration, National Center for Education Statistics, Census Bureau, Department of Agriculture. >>About This Book

The Uniting States: The Story of Statehood for the Fifty United States REF JK2408 .U65 2004 (3 volumes)
Based on primary federal and state sources, each essay tells the real story of the people and the issues behind the debate for statehood. >>Google Books Preview

The Who, What, and Where of America: Understanding the American Community Survey REF HA201.122 .W48 2010
Covers each U.S. state, county, metropolitan area, and city with a population of 20,000 or more. The American Community Survey (ACS) is ushering in the most substantial change in the decennial census in more than sixty years, it will replace the decennial census long form in 2010 and collect long-form-type information annually rather than only once every ten years, providing more current data throughout the decade. The new ACS estimates combine three years of survey responses (2005-2007) to produce data.
>>About This Book / Google Books Preview