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Financial Ratios Library Guide: WEB RESOURCES

FINANCIAL RATIOS: WEB RESOURCES Investing for Beginners: Financial Ratios
Resources that will teach you how to calculate many financial ratios using annual reports and financial statements. Each ratio has several examples for reference purposes. Small Business Ratio Calculators
Current Ratio Calculator. Quick Ratio Calculator. Debt to Assets Ratio Calculator. Return on Assets Calculator. Gross Profit Margin Calculator. Operating Profit Percentage Calculator.

Biz/ed: Financial Ratio Analysis
Ratio analysis materials prepared for Biz/ed by Duncan Williamson. An extensive resource broken down into sections and subsections.

BizStats: Free Industry Financial Ratios
Find industry average financial ratios. Results tables include profitability, liquidity and efficiency ratios. Industry ratios are offered for three groups: all corporations, S-corporations (less than 35 employees), and sole proprietorships.

Business Owner’s Toolkit: Business Ratios
Explains how each of the financial ratios is calculated and what it tells you about your business’ financial health.

Investopedia: Financial Ratio Tutorial
The objective of this tutorial is to provide you with a guide to sources of financial statement data, to highlight and define the most relevant ratios, to show you how to compute them and to explain their meaning as investment evaluators.

MSN Money: Company Key Financial Ratios
Look up companies to find investment information. View growth rate, price-to-equity ratios, profit margins, financial condition, investment returns, management efficiency, and a 10-year summary of company performance.Reuters: Stocks
Enter company ticker symbol, select Financials, and click on Search

Yahoo! Finance
Enter company name or ticker symbol to Search Finance. Use Key Statistics and Industry links to obtain financial ratio information.
Yahoo! Finance: Stock Screener