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ENGL 1551 -- Writing 2 for Engineering Students: Overview


The information on this page is designed to assist with student research projects and in identifying helpful resources.  Maag Library provides access to print and electronic Engineering books, journals and data resources. Listed below is a portion of items available. For individualized assistance, contact the Science and Engineering Librarian; for general help, Ask a Librarian!

Reference materials may be found in the Reference Room.  While these materials do not circulation, they provide a basis from which to start your research.

Electrical Engineering Terms with Related Call Number Ranges

Electric meters TK301-TK399
Electric circuits, electric networks TK452-TK454.4
Dynamoelectric machinery including generators, motors, transformers TK2000-TK2891
Production of electricity by direct energy conversion TK2896-TK2985
Distribution or transmission of electric power TK3001-TK3521
Applications of electric power TK4001-TK4102
Electric lighting TK4125-TK4399
Electric heating TK4601-TK4661
Telecommunications including satellites, computer networks, telephones, television, radio TK5101-TK6720
Electronics including electronics apparatus, computer engineering, computer hardware TK7800-TK8360
Atomic power TK9001-TK9401

Assistant Reference Librarian Science and Engineering

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