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Youngstown Vindicator Resources: Vindicator

How to find articles in Maag and other collections of Youngstown's remaining daily paper.

Exploring the Youngstown Vindicator

first vindicator issue 1869

The first editon of the Vindicator - Volume 1,Number 1 June 25, 1869


Maag Library is named in honor of William F. Maag Jr., a longtime editor of The Vindicator who was a great benefactor and advocate of local libraries and Youngstown State University. The Maag Microform Center has this valuable resource available in microfilm from 1869 until the April 2019, the year the Vindicator closed and the current Warren Tribune owned editionsbegan.  The Vindicator continues to be published 365 days per year.

The paper was founded as the weekly The Mahoning Vindicator by J. H. Odell in 1869. It was purchased by William F. Maag in 1887 and has been published daily since Sept.25, 1889. The Sunday edition began on June 7, 1896. Thus the Youngstown Vindicator, and its successor title since 1983, The Vindicator, has published a daily look at life in the Mahoning and Shenango valleys, for over 120 years, documenting local, national, and international events.

Maag Library holdings

1869-1877   Microfilm X 0459,  Microform Center Third Level

1889 to April 30 2019  Microfilm X 1026, Microform Center, Third Level

Most recent 30 paper issues  Maag News Corner,  Reference Department ,Main Level

Paper issues kept until Microfilm received  Microfilm Newspaper Reserve, Reference Dept., Main Level


Finding articles in The Vindicator
Unfortunately, searching the paper is complicated by the lack of a complete central index. The Vindicator online index doesn't start until 2001 and is an incomplete reflection of the actual printed page. Patrons have had some success using other newspapers indexes and databases to establish a time frame to narrow their search of the microfilm for the years without indexes, basically 1940 to 2001. Maag Library does have the following tools to assist  you.
The following indexes can help you pinpoint actual dates of publication.

1869 – 1919  Microfilm X1026 Index   Microform Center, Third level

1933 – 1938   Microfilm X1026 Index Microform Center, Third level


NOTE WELL; The microfilm includes all of the editions published each day and the item you are looking for may not be exactly in the same place in each edition or it may be published only in one of them. For example, the September 1, 1987 front page of the City edition features articles and headlines not found in the Pennsylvania edition. (See first column and differing headlines below) .

1987 city edition photo

Vindicator  September 1 1987 Article Page 1  column 1  city edition  Strike averted  in Girard

1987 pennsylvania issue photo
Vindicator on same day September 1, 1987  Page 1, column 1  Pennsylvania edtion.  Teachers go on strike.
Make sure you check these sources! 
vindy logo                            public library of youngstown & mahoning county logo

 Final Farewell


The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County is your best source for research on the Vindicator as their staff has created some unique indexes not available elsewhere. In addition to the indexes Maag Library owns, the Main Library at the corner of Wick and Rayen Avenues (across the street from YSU’s Jones Hall) has coverage for 1921-1930, 1933-1938, and limited coverage for 1939 and 1940. They are creating an on-going database index for the Vindy from 2001 forward, as well as a Death records database.

Excellent information on current and recent issues may be researched at the paper’s website.

The original digital archive from 2001 to the end of the local ownership on August 31, 2019 was kindly preserved by the Warren Tribune's owner's at a new site,

Vindicator Digitialization.  The Vindicator  participated in the Google News Archive project that was terminated after many Vindicator issues from 1869 to 2009 were digitized. Check their website to keep track of developments. Be mindful of mistakes like this.

google news photo

Mahoning Vindicator   1869-1875

Mahoning Valley Vindicator     1875-1877

Evening Vindicator  1889-1890

Youngstown Evening Vindicator   1891-1893

Sunday Vindicator   1896-1916, 1918-1919, 1922, 1924-1928

Youngstown Vindicator     April 22, 1897, then 1893- August 1984

Vindicator     October 21, 1981, September 1984-2009


How to Make a Copy of Microform Materials
Vindicator copies may be obtained from our three reader/printers. They are available on a first come first serve basis and can be utilized with self service.
Use our  digital microform reader/printer to save microform images of a newspaper article to a disk, jump drive, or e-mail it to yourself.  Most of the one million items in  the Microform Center can be accessed in this manner.
                                                          student using scanpro 3000                                                    
                                                                   Scanning a microform image to our PC.

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