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Youngstown Vindicator Resources: New York Times

How to find articles in Maag and other collections of Youngstown's remaining daily paper.

The New York Times at Maag Library

The New York Times at Maag Library


new york times on titanic 1912

  • A paper copy is still received daily and displayed along with the most recent 30 editions in the Maag Reading Corner in the Reference Room, Main Floor.
  • Permanent microfilm reels  from 1851 though 2016 are located in the Microform Center on Maag's 3rd Level.                                  .
Finding articles in the New York Times  
Enhanced Access Modified!

Starting on  September 17, 2007, the complete back file of the New York Times could be searched from, over 13 million articles in all. IN MARCH 2011 the website modified its free access to full text articles for stories published by the paper between 1851 and 1922. The new rules state:

“Visitors can enjoy 20 free articles (including blog posts, slide shows, video and other multimedia features) each calendar month on, as well as unrestricted access to browse the home page, section fronts, blog fronts and classifieds.

Your free, limited access resets every month: at the beginning of each calendar month, you’ll once again be able to view 20 free articles for that month.

For nonsubscribers, articles from the New York Times archives from 1923 through 1986 are $3.95 each. Views of archived articles outside that date range are free but still count toward the 20-article monthly limit.

Articles published from 1987 to date are also available. The site will still charge for access to stories published between 1923 and 1986.” LINK

Researchers may use the New York Times website or the Maag paper indexes to find the citations for those critical years of the Twentieth Century and get copies if needed from the Maag microfilm, call number Micro film X2000.


An article from summarizes the online index and notes some of its limitations which may still require usage of our print indexes.

Note well: To find microfilm reels quickly, copy the date, section, and page numbers of the article from your online database or paper index.


Obtain the appropriate microfilm reel located in the cabinets to the right of the Microform Center service desk. They are in chronological order. . One is also connected to a PC so that a digital copy can be made. Feel free to ask for assistance at the Reference Desk on Maag's Main Level.

Maag Library patrons may also find New York Times articles though a multitude of databases such as:

  • Search Everything!   Maag provides access to Ebsco's Discovery Service  through the Search Everything tab on the Maag Homepage.   Note well   that using the limiter  New York Times, allows you to only search back to 1980.    You would still need the paper or archive index to find the 1924 article on the Klan riot in Niles Ohio.


How to Make paper copies:

Copies of New York Times microfilm articles may be obtained from our three reader/printers in the Maag Microform Center on the Third Level of the library. They are available on a first come first serve basis and can be utilized with self service.
Use our  digital microform reader/printer to save microform images of a newspaper article to a disk, jump drive, or e-mail it to yourself.  Most of the one million items in  the Microform Center can be accessed in this manner.  Stop by the Microform service desk if you need assistance or a demonstration.