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STEM 2601H -- BSMD Honors Seminar: Articles

Finding Print and Electronic (Online) Articles

Print Articles

Maag Library print journals are on the sixth floor.  Search for them through MaagNet or browse by Library of Congress (LC) call numbers.

Electronic (Online) Articles

Many Biology journals are available through online subscription databases. Most databases allow access by current YSU faculty, students and staff from off campus, although a few are restricted to on-campus use only.  Use these resources as a starting point for research.

To find journal access through Maag Library, use the Maag Journal Finder. Search for a specific journal by title or ISSN or browse the Biology, Life Sciences, or Health & Medicine general discipline categories. Once a category has been selected, filter the search by selecting specific topics from the the left-side subjects listings.

Assistant Reference Librarian Science and Engineering

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Christine Adams
Christine Adams, MLS
Co-Director & Head of Research and Academic Support
William F. Maag Jr. Library
Information Services
Phone: 330.941.3681