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MUHL 3773 - Music History & Literature 3: Composers

Resources and Information for Researching Classical and Romantic Music History (1750-1899)


The list to the right consists of books about a few seleted Classical & Romantic composers and their music. Use the call numbers of these books to locate even more resources.


ML 410 .B4 has the books about Beethoven and his music.

Composer Call Numbers

Here is a brief list of some of the primary composers.

Bach, C.P.E. ML 410 .B16
Bach, J.C. ML 410 .B15
Balakirev ML 410 .B175
Beethoven ML 410 .B4
Bellini ML 410 .B44
Berlioz ML 410 .B5
Brahms ML 410 .B8
Bruckner ML 410 .B88
Cherubini ML 410 .C5
Chopin ML 410 .C54
Donizetti ML 410 .D7
Dvorak ML 410 .D99
Gilbert & Sullivan ML 410 .S95
Gluck ML 410 .G5
Haydn ML 410 .H4
Liszt ML 410 .L7
Mendelssohn ML 410 .M5
Mozart ML 410 .M9
Mussorgsky ML 410 .M97
Offenbach ML 410 .O41
Paganini ML 418 .P2
Puccini ML 410 .P89
Rossini ML 410 .R8
Scarlatti, D. ML 410 .S221
Schubert ML 410 .S3
Schumann ML 410 .S4
Smetana ML 410 .S63
Strauss, Jr. ML 410 .S91
Tchaikovsky ML 410 .C4
Verdi ML 410 .V4

Composers and their Music

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