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CHFM 3731 Individual Family Development: Search Strategy


Child Relationship
Children Partner
Early Childhood Spouse
Kids Friend

For each focus area you choose, you should be able to think of a few synonyms that may show up when talking about that concept. 

Advanced Searching Tips

Image of ven diagram showing boolean operators


AND vs. OR:  Combine your terms with AND when they are 2 different concepts that must be included in your search.  Combine your terms with OR when they are synonyms and can be interchanged.

      ex: Nurse AND Salary

      ex: Nurse OR RN


(_____) Parenthesis:  Use parenthesis to group synonyms together with the combining term OR

      ex: (Nurse OR RN)


* Asterisk: Use the asterisk to look for all endings of a word by first removing the ending, then adding the asterisk.  This is also called Truncation.

      ex: nurs* ----> nurse, nurses, nursing

      ex: educat* -----> educate, educates, education, educator, educators, etc



Limit Options

You have a few requirements for this assignment that the databases can help with:

At least 8 pages: Use page limiter in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection, Academic Search Complete, SocIndex, and Sociological Collection

Screenshot showing how to limit by page numbers

For research articles you can use the Scholoarly or Peer Review Limiter.  This can't guarantee that you will only get research based articles, but it does increast the chances.

For articles within a specific set of years, use the publication date limiter.

Screenshot showing limiting by publication date