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CHFM 3731 Individual Family Development: Identifying a Research Study

Parts of a Research Article

Review - Sometimes this is called the Literature Review

Hypothesis - Often this is included within the review or the Method section.  It is ultimately the question that the researcher is trying to answer.

Methods - Describes in detail how the research is being conducted including sample size, measurement tool, and type of analysis.  This will tell you whether you have a qualitative or quantitative study.

Results - Outlines what was discovered from the study either in numerical or descriptive terms.  Often includes statistical significance data.

Conclusions - Explains the ramification of the results including what changes can be inferred from the results.

Further Study - Details what steps can be taken in the future to advance this line of research.

**Research articles can be Qualitative or Quantitative, but must contain some kind of method section and result data.

Example of a Research Study

Notice the format of the study below. 

  • The Review in this case is called the Background
  • Aims is the Hypothesis
  • Method describes a Qualitative form of research with 52 participants
  • Findings is the Result section

Screenshot of article abstract