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Saving Microform Copies at the Microforms Center: Saving Microform Copies

Directions for using the Scanpro 3000

Using Maag's Scanpro 300 Microform Reader Printer

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Digital Microform Copier Available  in Maag Microform Center
Our ScanPro 3000 digital microform reader/printer is a superior machine to save microform images of a newspaper or journal  article to a disk, jump drive, or a pdf file or to e-mail it to yourself. The ScanPro 3000 features include:
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Traditional printing is also available. The ScanPro 3000  can be utilized with self service. The one million items in  the Microform Center can be accessed in this manner. General directions follow below.
                                                                   Scanning a microform image to our PC.
  1. Determine what type of film/fiche you have.


  1. When you determine what type of film/fiche you have to place it in the machine, for film and fiche they differ.
    1. For film, pull out the tray all the way and once you do that a little info graphic will pop up and show how to thread the film properly.
    2. For fiche, you simply pull out the tray and place it between the two glass panels. You might have to flip if it is the wrong way.


  1. Once you have it all loaded it is time to use the machine. There are four categories to choose from. Setup has been done, so you only have to consider settings for  home, adjust, and output.


  1. Home houses all your basic functions that you will most likely use the most and that includes things such as print, scan to drive or USB, auto-adjust, but there are two useful options within the home setting.
    1. The first one is magnifier, which brings up a little blue dashed box and a different window will appear with an enlarged view with whatever is in the blue dashed box.
    2. The second really great feature is the spot-EDIT™, with spot edit you can black out or white out sections of the film.


  1. In the adjust bar it has all you basic adjusting needs to make the film as clear as possible for you to read.


  1. Output is the last option you will need to use. Here you can print, save to your own usb jump drive, or to the desktop to mail the file to yourself.  For multiple pages  The function that is most useful is the OCR PDF Multi-Page button as it allows you to scan multiple pages and puts them all in one PDF file.


  1. When finished with your scanning you have to remove the film and fiche.
    1. For the fiche, just pull out the tray and place the fiche in the basket next to the computer.
    2. For film, pull out the tray and the option to rewind with pop up on the film control. Click the rewind button twice and it will rewind for you, after that put the film reel back in its book and place it in the basket next to the computer.