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CRC Collections: Puppets

A guide to all the materials located in the Wilcox Curriculum Resource Center.

Puppet Collection

What are CRC Puppets?

  • The CRC has a collection of puppets and stuffed animals that can be checked out.

How long do they check out with my YSU ID?

  • Puppets check out for seven days.

How many puppets do you have?

  • The CRC has 251 puppets and stuffed animals.
  • Puppets were checked out 441 times from July 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.


What's new?

What's new in the Puppet Collection?

Added February 2020:

Added November 2019:

Added October 2019:

Added July 2019:

Added June 2019:

Added April 2019: