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Financial Literacy Library Guide

Well before leaving college to begin their careers, students should take steps to improve and develop their financial literacy. In today’s complex world, young adults can find themselves victims of credit card and student loan scams or of identity theft before they even have a chance to give serious thought to their financial futures. Fortunately, due in large part to the ongoing economic crisis, financial literacy and economic education are beginning to receive much more attention. Many government agencies, associations, financial institutions, and educators are providing the information and tools that young people (beginning in grade school) need to map out a successful financial path for themselves. Included within this guide are many useful resources (print, electronic, web-based…) that will help educate you in personal finance. While the focus in selecting the resources on this guide is young adults and college students, the information provided will also help you plan far ahead into your financial future and improve your economic well-being.

For stock market and investing information, see Maag’s Finance: Investing Library Guide.

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