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Marketing & Advertising Library Guide: Reference

Marketing & Advertising Reference Sources

Reference materials are shelved alphabetically by call number in the Reference Room.

Cover: The Advanced Dictionary of Marketing: Putting Theory to UseThe Advanced Dictionary of Marketing: Putting Theory to Use
REF HF5412 .D33 2008
Focuses on leading-edge terminology for use by individuals who are serious about the theory and practice of marketing: researchers, directors, managers, and anyone studying marketing for a professional and/or academic qualification. Covering 1098 terms, the dictionary includes over 500 major entries. All terms are extensively cross-referenced and thematic indices allow the reader to locate and use terms by their applications and by keywords.
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The Advertising Age Encyclopedia of Advertising REF HF5803 .A38 2003 (3 volumes)
Essays in 4 categories: (1) agency histories (including entries on major advertising holding companies); (2) advertiser/brand/market histories; (3) biographies; (4) entries on theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects of advertising.
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Cover: Advertising Manager’s HandbookAdvertising Manager’s Handbook REF HF5823 .B634 1999
A book for advertising managers and other people who are responsible for planning and managing their organizations’ advertising programs. This handbook can help you plan, implement, and manage an effective, successful advertising program.
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America’s Greatest Brands REF HD69 .B7 A52 (6 volumes)
Insight into many of America’s strongest and most valuable brands. Each volume celebrates the achievements, exceptional effort, and outstanding work involved in maintaining one of the most well-earned and valued assets: a great brand.

Companion Encyclopedia of Marketing REF HF5415 .C547353 1995
Encyclopedia containing information about aspects of marketing, such as the history and origin of marketing, marketing theory, and modern practice.

D&B Principal International Businesses: The World Marketing Directory
REF HF54 .U5 P74 2010/2011
A world marketing directory presenting up-to-date information on approximately 50,000 leading enterprises throughout the world.

Dartnell Marketing Manager’s Handbook REF HF5415.13 .D33 1994
Features material from more than 100 marketing experts. More than 70 chapters cover every key aspect of marketing, including chapters on quality, the marketing of services, ethics, global marketing, and database marketing.

Dictionary of Marketing REF HF5415 .K615 1995
Lists more than 5000 terms culled from all areas of marketing. Sets down an exhaustive range of marketing and marketing-related terms and provides a definition or, where appropriate, a detailed explanation and description for all entries.

Cover: Dictionary of Marketing Terms

Dictionary of Marketing Terms (2000)
More than 4,000 terms and definitions.
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Editor & Publisher Market Guide: The Directory of Newspaper Markets and Demographics REF HF5415.3 .E35 2008
Annual directory of newspaper markets and demographics. Data on more than 1,600 daily newspaper cities in the U.S. and Canada, from ethnic breakdowns to shopping mall information to banking data. Features 2000 U.S. Census population figures.

Encyclopedia of Consumer Brands REF HF5415.3 .E527 1994 (3 volumes)
 Provides substantive information on products that have been leaders in their respective brand categories and have had decided impact on American business or popular culture.

Cover: Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns

Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns
REF HF5837 .E53 2000
Includes 500 entries, each on an important campaign of the twentieth century. All took place at least partially in the U.S. Although most began during the 1960s or later, the book also covers earlier campaigns.
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Cover: Icons of the American Marketplace: Consumer Brand Excellence

Icons of the American Marketplace: Consumer Brand Excellence REF HD69 .B7 I36 2007
By profiling America's best-known and most beloved brands, this volume identifies the characteristics that contribute to their iconic status and celebrates their place in everyday American life.
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The Marketing Glossary: Key Terms, Concepts, and Applications in Marketing Management, Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Market Research, Sales REF HF5415 .C5414 1992
Key terms, concepts, and applications in Marketing Management, Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Market Research, and Sales. vOver 1,400 key terms. Provides extensive interpretation and context for critical terms, as well as concise definitions for others. Examples, checklists, and formulas.

Cover: The Marketing Research Guide

The Marketing Research Guide REF HF5415.2 .M35585 2006
Step-by-step instructions to take you through the complete marketing research process, plus worksheets, sample proposals, questionnaires, and a copy of a final report, all designed to clarify the how, when, and why of marketing research.
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Cover: Marketing Scales Handbook

Marketing Scales Handbook: A Compilation of Multi-Item Measures for Consumer Behavior & Advertising, 1998-2001 REF HF5415.3 .B785
Covers the scales that were reported in articles published from 1998 to 2001. Includes for each scale: scale name, scale description, scale origin, reliability, validity, comments, references, and scale items.
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Market Share Reporter REF HF5410 .M35 2008 (2 volumes)
Provides market share information on domestic and international markets. Entries are arranged under both SIC and NAICS codes. Entries in MSR fall into four broad categories: Corporate Market Shares; Institutional Shares; Brand Market Shares; and Product, Commodity, Service, and Facility Shares.
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The Official Guide to the American Marketplace: The Real Facts About How Rich, Well-Educated, Healthy, Family-Oriented, Hard-Working, and Diverse We Are
REF HA214 .A6 1995
Examines American lifestyles in detail and includes the demographic and lifestyle statistics most important to businesses. Provides in-depth marketing analysis from – Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Center for Education Statistics, and National Center for Health Statistics. Divided into 8 trends: Education; Health; Income; Labor Force; Living Arrangements; Population; Race and Ethnicity; and Spending and Wealth.
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Plunkett’s Advertising & Branding Industry Almanac REF HF5805 .P58 2008
Complete guide to advertising and branding industry. Complete profiles on top companies with the latest statistics and trends in: Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Online Strategies, Media Strategies, Positioning Strategies, Consulting.

Slogans REF HF6135 .S57 1984
Collection of more than 6,000 slogans, rallying cries, and other exhortations used in advertising, political campaigns, popular causes and movements, and divers efforts to urge people to take action, the entries representing a broad spectrum of time and origin yet conveniently arranged by thematic categories and identified as to source.