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Marketing deals with processes that provide products and services to buyers with the goal of satisfying their needs and wants. Buyers can be consumers or businesses. Determining buyers’ needs and wants and developing ways to meet them is the fundamental role of business, both for-profit and not-for-profit. It was once stated in the Harvard Business Review that, within the context of business, “Marketing is everything” — the success of an organization’s marketing determines the success of the organization. It is no wonder then, that marketing is the central activity of business organizations in market economies. Marketing addresses a number of business issues, including deciding what products to offer, to whom, at what price, and at what location.

Marketing courses at YSU are designed to prepare students for careers in marketing, including those related to the development, distribution, pricing, promotion, and selling of goods and services. It is estimated that about 50% of all jobs in the U.S. are associated with these marketing functions. Department stores, retailers, and franchise service operations seek college-trained marketing experts. The marketing divisions of industrial corporations and advertising agencies have also traditionally held career opportunities for marketing graduates. Today, however, they are joined by banks and other financial institutions, health-related and charitable organizations, government agencies, and other service and not-for-profit organizations.

Advertising and public relations are mainly concerned with communications by organizations to their various audiences. Organizations have public images that must be maintained and refined. Advertising and public relations practitioners create and place messages designed to inform or persuade audiences about an organization or its products and services. Many of these messages have selling as a major goal. These messages are the ones the average person sees each day. How did you first learn about the car you drive or your favorite soft drink? It was probably through advertising messages. Similarly, public relations messages provide us with information about new developments in cancer research or charitable activities and services. Public relations activities also include planning events, writing newsletters, developing good relationships with media personnel, and providing information services to customers.

Descriptions taken from Youngstown State University’s Undergraduate Bulletin.

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