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Brainstorm for Research Topic: Ebooks

The database list for students to brainstorm for a research topic.

East Asian & Southest Asian

A Global Studies Handbook

From Maag library Electronic Book Center, we can get to OhioLINK Electronic Book Center, We can search the topic and get the Ebook form

  • ABC-CLIO: educational reference books – encyclopedias, handbooks, biographical collections, guides –  primarily in the humanities and social sciences.
  • Gale: reference books published by Thomson Gale; also includes a few reference books from Macmillan, Saur, and Scribner.
  • Oxford University Press: important scholarly books, both classic and newly-published works,
  • Sage: encyclopedias and reference handbooks from the Sage eReference catalog, mainly in the social sciences.
  • Springer: high-quality scientific, technological and medical books.

For this class, we need the Global studies Handbook of the Asia Countries. We can search for each country: 


  1. Lucien Ellington JAPAN: A Global Studies Handbook

  2. Robert André LaFleur  China: A Global Studies Handbook  2003
  3. Florence Lamoureux. Indonesia: A Global Studies Handbook. 2003.
  4. L. Shelton Woods. Vietnam: A Global Studies Handbook. 2002.
  5. Timothy D. Hoare. Thailand: A Global Studies Handbook. 2004.
  6. Damon L. Woods. The Philippines: A Global Studies Handbook. 2006.
  7. Mary E. Connor. THE KOREAS: A Global Studies Handbook. 2002.
  8. The Sage and the People The Confucian Revival in China, 2018
  9. The Confucian Political Imagination
  10. A Reader’s Companion to the Confucian Analects
  11. Three Streams Confucian Reflections on Learning and the Moral Heart-Mind in China, Korea, and J
  12. Buddhism in World Cultures: Comparative Perspectives

A Very Short Introduction

In the EBSCO Ebook collection at,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=nlebk, Search for "very short introduction"

In Oxford Scholarship Online Ebook collection, there is a very short introduction collection. We can find ebook in this collection. We need go to Oxford very short introduction at to serach. The following books are in this collection.

History and Culture