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Trumpet Resources: Printed Music

Resources for trumpet performance, research, and repertoire

How do I find trumpet music?

If you have a specific piece in mind, you can search by title, author (person/organization/composer), or both on MaagNET. Below are general call number ranges for trumpet music. You can browse the shelves or you can consult MaagNET for a listing of materials by call number. To search by call number on MaagNET, select LC Call Number and enter the beginning of a call number, ex. M260.

*Some of the recommended call numbers below contain music that does not include the trumpet. For those, consider limiting the results to "words in subject" = "trumpet" or "words in subject" = "trumpets."

Suggested Call Numbers for Trumpet Music (links provided for call numbers currently in use in MaagNET)

M85 - M89 trumpet alone (M85, M86, M87, M88, M89)
M260 - M261 trumpet with piano accompaniment (M260, M261)
concertos with orchestra (M1030)
M1031 concertos with orchestra (arranged) (M1031)
M1130 concertos with string orchestra (M1130)
M1131 concertos with string orchestra (arranged) (M1131)
(the materials at the call numbers below do not all include trumpet)  
M288 - M289 duets -- wind instrument with another wind instrument (M288, M289)
M290 - M291 duets -- wind instrument with a string instrument (M290, M291)
M296 - M297 duets -- wind instrument with guitar, harp (M296, M297)
M298 duets - wind instrument with percussion (M298)
M317 trios -- 2 wind instruments with piano (M317)
M322 trios -- 2 wind or string instruments with piano (M322)
M357 trios -- 3 wind instruments (M357)
M357.4 trios -- 3 brass instruments (M357.4)
M417 quartets -- 3 wind instruments with piano (M417)
M422 quartets -- 3 wind or string instruments with piano (M422)
M457 quartets -- 4 wind instruments (M457)
M457.4 quartets -- 4 brass instruments (M457.4)
M517 quintets -- 4 wind instruments with piano (M517)
M522 quintets -- 4 wind or string instruments with piano (M522)
M557 quintets -- 5 wind instruments (M557)
M557.4 quintets -- 5 brass instruments (M557.4)
M617 sextets -- 5 wind instruments with piano (M617)
M622 sextets -- 5 wind or string instruments with piano (M622)
M657 sextets -- 6 wind instruments (M657)
M657.4 sextets -- 6 brass instruments (M657.4)
M717 septets -- 6 wind instruments with piano (M717)
M722 septets -- 6 wind or string instruments with piano (M722)
M757 septets -- 7 wind instruments (M757)
M757.4 septets -- 7 brass instruments (M757.4)
M817 octets -- 7 wind instruments with piano (M817)
M822 octets -- 7 wind or string instruments with piano (M822)
M857 octets -- 8 wind instruments (M857)
M857.4 octets -- 8 brass instruments (M857.4)
M917 nonets -- 8 wind instruments with piano (M917)
M922 nonets -- 8 wind or string instruments with piano (M922)
M957 nonets -- 9 wind instruments (M957)
M957.4 nonets -- 9 brass instruments (M957.4)
M1470 ensembles of wind instruments (M1470)

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