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Piano Resources: Printed Music

Resources for piano performance, research, and repertoire

How do I find piano music?

If you have a specific piece in mind, you can search by title, author (person/organization/composer), or both on MaagNET. Below are general call number ranges for piano music. You can browse the shelves or you can consult MaagNET for a listing of materials by call number. To search by call number on MaagNET, select LC Call Number and enter the beginning of a call number, ex. M214

*Some of the recommended call numbers below contain music that does not include the piano. For those, consider limiting the results to "words in subject" = "piano" or "words in subject" = "pianos."

Suggested Call Numbers for Piano Music (links provided for call numbers currently in use in MaagNET)

M20 - M39 Piano Alone
M20 Misc. & General Collections
M21 Collections - Works by two or more composers
M22 Collections - Works by one composer
M23 Sonatas
M24 Suites & cyclical works
M25 General piano works
M26 Music for the left hand
M27 Themes & Variations
M28 Marches
M30 Dances - General
M31 Dances - General - Two-Rhythm (Polka, etc.)
M32 Dances - General - Three-Rhythm (Waltz, etc.)
M32.8 Arrangements - Misc. Collections
M33 Piano arrangements of vocal scores
M33.5 Piano arrangements of vocal scores - Excerpts
M34 Transcriptions & paraphrases of vocal scores
M35 Arrangements of orchestra & band music
M37 Concertos arranged for one piano
M38 Arrangements of chamber music & part songs
M198 Piano 3-hands
M200 - M216 More than one pianist
M200 Miscellaneous Colelctions
M201 - M212 Piano 4-hands
M201 - M204 Original compositions (M201, M202, M203, M204)
M207 - M211 Arrangements (M207, M208M209)
M213 Piano 5-or-more-hands
M214 - M215 2 or more pianos (M214, M215)
M216 Two or more pianos, three or more performers
M217 - M239 Piano and 1 string instrument (M217, M218, M219, M220, M221, M222, M223, M226, M228, M230. M231, M232, M233, M236, M238, M239)
M240 - M271 Piano and 1 wind instrument (M241, M242, M243, M244, M245, M246, M247, M250, M252, M254, M256, M257, M258, M259, M260, M261, M262, M263, M264, M265, M267, M268, M269, M270, M271)
M272 - M281 Piano and 1 plucked instrument
M282 - M285 Piano and 1 other instrument
M310 - M386 Piano and 2 other instruments (M311, M312, M314, M317, M319, M322, M324, M337, M342, M349)
M410 - M486 Piano and 3 other instruments (M410, M412, M413, M414, M417, M419, M422, M447)
M510 - M586 Piano and 4 other instruments (M512, M517, M519, M522, M547)
M610 - M686 Piano and 5 other instruments (M612, M617, M619, M622, M624, M635, M647, M649)
M710 - M786 Piano and 6 other instruments (M719, M722, M737, M747)
M810 - M886 Piano and 7 other instruments (M822, M847)
M910 - M990 Piano and 8 or more other instruments (M912, M917, M922, M935, M942, M947)
M1010 Concertos with orchestra
M1011 Concertos with orchestra (arranged)
M1110 Concertos with string orchestra
M1111 Concertos with string orchestra (arranged)
M1470 Aleatoric (chance) music (many include piano)
MT220-MT255 Piano instruction & study
MT220 General works
MT221 Physiology of the hand & hand exercises
MT222 Systems & methods
MT224 Rudiments of music
MT225 - MT255 Studies & methods (MT225, MT227, MT235, MT236, MT239, MT240, MT241, MT242, MT245, MT247, MT248)
MT226 - MT240 Specific techniques
MT250 - MT255 Specific types of piano, including early instruments
MT252 Predecessors of the piano, including harpischord, clavichord, etc.

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