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Organ Resources: Printed Music

Resources for organ performance, research, and repertoire

How do I find organ music?

If you have a specific piece in mind, you can search by title, author (person/organization/composer), or both on MaagNET. Below are general call number ranges for organ music. You can browse the shelves or you can consult MaagNET for a listing of materials by call number. To search by call number on MaagNET, select LC Call Number and enter the beginning of a call number, ex. M214

*Some of the recommended call numbers below contain music that does not include the organ. For those, consider limiting the results to "words in subject" = "organ" or "words in subject" = "organs."

Suggested Call Numbers for Organ Music (links provided for call numbers currently in use in MaagNET)

M6 - M14 Organ Solo
M6 Miscellaneous Collections
M7 General Collections - Original Compositions
M8 Sonatas
M9 Suites & Cyclical Works
M10 Fugues (with or without preludes)
M11 General Pieces
M11.2 Pedal Pieces
M12 Arrangements - Collections
M13 Arrangements - Separate Works
M14 Accompaniments to Collections of Psalms & Hymns
M180 - M181 1 or more organs, 2 or more players
M180 Collections
M181 Separate Works
M182 - M186 Organ and 1 Other Instrument (including piano)
M182 Miscellaneous Collections
M183 Original Compositions - General Collections
M184 Original Compositions - Special Collections & Separate Works
M185 Arrangements - Collections
M186 Arrangements - Separate Works
M200 - M204 Organ and 1 other instrument (M200, M201, M202, M203, M204)
M300 - M304 Organ and 2 other instruments (M302, M304)
M400 - M404 Organ and 3 other instruments (M402, M404)
M500 - M504 Organ and 4 other instruments (M502, M504)
M600 - M604 Organ and 5 other instruments (M602, M604)
M700 - M704 Organ and 6 other instruments
M800 - M804 Organ and 7 other instruments (M802)
M900 - M904 Organ and 8 other instruments (M902)
M1005 Concertos with Orchestra
M1006 Concertos with Orchestra (arranged)
M1008 Concertos with String Orchestra
M1009 Concertos with String Orchestra (arranged)
MT180 - MT208 Studies and Methods
MT180 General
MT182 Systems & Methods
MT185 Studies & Exercises
MT187 Pedal Techniques
MT189 Registration Techniques
MT190 Accompaniment techniques for Gregorian chant and other liturgical music 
MT191 Other (A-Z)
MT192 - MT199 Electronic (including synthesizers with keyboards) (MT192)
MT200 - MT208 Reed Organ (Harmonium)

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