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International Relations Comparative Government Subject Guide: International Relations. Comparative Gov

Maag Library provides access to international relations/comparative government books, journals and data through print and online resources


Maag Library provides access to international relations/comparative government books, journals and data through print and online resources. The specific resources listed below are a portion of what is available through the library.  If you need additional assistance, use the Ask a Librarian Email.  

Print Resources

  • Locating Books

    Not sure of a topic? Here are a few Library of Congress Subject Headings that can get you started:
    • Cultural Relations
    • Diplomacy
    • International relations
    • International Courts
    • Political Science

    International relations/comparative government resources are located throughout the library: items in the Reference Room, Serials and in the circulating collection are all arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification System. Once you locate a book or journal that is useful in one of these areas, you can locate information on the same or similar topics by locating the same call number in the other areas of the library. 

  • MaagNET  [Maag Library's online catalog]
    • Look here for books, government documents, and other materials owned by Maag Library. Search by keyword, subject, author or title.
    • Copy or print publication information (author, title, place, publisher, date–found in the catalog record or on the title page of the book itself) for your “Works Cited” page.
    • Note the item’s call number and location (for example Reference Collection, General Collection). Check the building guide for location of collections and services. For additional assistance see Reading Call Numbers and Material Location and Availability.
    • Use the following sections of the Library of Congress Classification Outline to browse the shelves for periodicals on Level 6  of Maag Library  or for books on shelves located by subject below.
      • D — History (other than America)                                               Level 3 and 3A
      • E-F — History of America (including Latin America)                  Level  3A 
      • G — Geography                                                                         Level 3A
      • H — Social Sciences                                                                  Level 3A and 4A
      • J — Political Science                                                                 Level 4A
      • K — Law                                                                                     Level 4A
  • Copy or print  publication information (author, title, place, publisher, date–found in the catalog record or on the title page of the book itself)  for your “Works Cited” page.
  • OhioLINK Central Catalog [combined catalogs of OhioLINK member libraries]
    • Look here for books not available at Maag, but owned by other Ohio colleges and universities.
    • You may request items online from other OhioLINK Institutions. It takes 3-5 working days (M-F) for books requested through the OhioLINK Central Catalog to arrive.
Reference Resources located in the Maag Reference Collection,  Main level.
The Europa world year book Ref JN1 .E85
Part I provides an overview of international organizations. Part  II is a listing by country, including information on the constitution and government, judicial system, political  organizations and diplomatic representatives. 
Encyclopedia of politics : the left and the right Ref JA61 .E54 2005
This two-volume set contains over 450 articles on individuals, movements, political parties, and ideological principles, with those usually thought of as left in the first volume and those considered on the right, in the second volume.
Treaties in force Ref KZ235 .T74
Produced by the U.S. Department of State, this is a descriptive list of the treaties and international agreements to which the U.S. is a party.
Locating Articles

Electronic Journal Center. Various terms can be used to search these databases, including subject, keywords and relevant dates. Most databases allow access by current YSU faculty, students and staff from off campus, although a few are restricted to in-library use only. For more information about connecting from home, see off-campus access.

Good source for current information. Full-text articles from newspapers, periodicals and newswires (including foreign sources) as well as legal information.


Supplies full text articles from the very first volume to the last 3-5 years for approximately 240 titles in the Arts & Sciences.


This index features citations with subject headings from a sociology-specific thesaurus designed by expert lexicographers.

Social Sciences Citation Index (ISI Web of Science) OFF CAMPUS LINK
Current information as well as backfiles to 1900 are found in full text on the Web of Science. ISI Citation Databases include bibliographic information gathered from thousands of scholarly journals. It is indexed so that you can search for specific articles by subject, author, journal, and/or author address. Additionally, it is possible to search the databases for articles that cite a known author or work.

These databases provide a starting point for your research. To see other available databases, visit the Research Databases page, especially the  Political Science page.

Databases and other Resources

    • Listed below are a few databases in which you may find information relating to political science, law, and other resources in your area of interest. Others are listed on the OhioLINK Databases Page by name, type, or subject (see Political Science, Law and Legislation, Public Policy, etc.).

    If you are not on campus, you must login to authenticate (select your institution, enter your name and YSU ID#).

    Political Science and Law

    Here is a link to the current listing of research databases provided by Maag and OhioLINK. 

    America: History and Life
    Includes citations and abstracts to articles on the history and culture of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present from over 2,000 journals in the humanities and social sciences.
    Academic Search Premier (Ebsco) Off-campus access
    A multidisciplinary database that indexes over 4300 periodicals and contains full text for over 3400 scholarly publications.
    Electronic Journal Center (EJC) [OhioLINK] (1995 to date)
    Full-text articles from OhioLINK electronic journal subscription databases. Currently includes over 4000 scholarly journals, including more than 340 titles in politics, political science, and law. For search tips and help see: EJC help.
    Historical Abstracts
    Index and abstracts to articles covering world history from 1450 to present (excluding U.S. and Canada). Includes or has links to full text.
    International Political Science Abstracts Off-campus access
    Index and abstracts to journal articles in political science, international relations, law, and public administration / policy. Includes or has links to full text.
    JSTOR Off-campus access
    Supplies full text articles from the very first volume to the last 3-5 years for approximately 240 titles in the Arts & Sciences.

    Legal Collection
    Legal Collection is a collection of respected, scholarly peer-reviewed publications including law journals, documents, and case studies. Legal Collection offers full text for nearly 250 of the world's most respected, scholarly law journals. This database provides information centered on the discipline of law and legal topics such as criminal justice, international law, federal law, organized crime, medical, labor & human resource law, ethics, the environment and much more. This database is a source for information on current issues, studies, thoughts and trends of the legal world.

    Opposing viewpoints Off-campus access
    Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center draws on the acclaimed social issues series published by Greenhaven Press, as well as core reference content from other Gale and Macmillan Reference USA sources to provide a complete one-stop source for information on social issues. Access viewpoint articles, topic overviews, statistics, primary documents, links to websites, and full-text magazine and newspaper articles.
    Oxford Reference – Politics and Social Sciences Off-campus access
    Currently includes searchable full text of the following reference books: A Dictionary of Contemporary World History, Oxford Guide to Countries of the World, A Dictionary of Geography, A Dictionary of Political Biography, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics, A Dictionary of Psychology, Dictionary of the Social Sciences, A Dictionary of Sociology, The Oxford Guide to the United States Government, and Handbook of the World.
    International Resources and Statistics
    America at the Polls Ref. JK524 .A73 2005x
    “A Reference Guide to Concepts, Ideas and Institutions”
    Background notes
    Concise info on most countries published by the U.S. State Department. Entire database is keyword searchable. (Try “absolutist” for a start.)
    Country at a Glance
     International labor statistics provided by the U.S.  Department of Labor
    Country Studies
    Covers information previously published in Country Study/Area Handbooks 1986-1998 by the Research Division of the Library of Congress. Funding for this program was discontinued in 1998.
     Dictionary of World Politics Ref. D 419 .K87 2002
    “A Reference Guide to Concepts, Ideas and Institutions”
    DOSFAN Electronic Research Collection
    A partnership of the United States Department of State, the Federal Depository Library Program, and the Federal Depository Library at the University of Illinois at Chicago, this site consists of archived electronic documents and publications of the Department of State and the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. Also responsible for answering questions regarding the content of several U.S. government sites.
    Parry and Grant Encyclopaedic Dictionary of International Law Ref. JX 1226 .P33 1986
    Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy 3 vols. Ref. JX 1407 .E53
    Includes articles on the principle movements and ideas influencing American foreign relations (themes, doctrines, policies).
    Europa World Year Book Ref. JN 1 .E85
    Part I provides an overview of international organizations. Part II is a listing by country, including information on the constitution and government, judicial system, political organizations and diplomatic representatives.
    Global Gateway
    Electronic resources on the nations of the world selected by Library of Congress subject experts.
    Statistical data for member countries of the United Nations.
    Oxford Companion to Politics of the World JA 61 .O95
    Includes information on countries, political institutions, and concepts.
    Political Handbook of the World Ref. JF 37 . P6
    Contains essential, current political information about every country in the world. Also lists the composition and activities of many intergovernmental organizations.


    Political Parties of the of the World Ref. JF 2051 .D39 2005x
    Includes information on countries, political institutions, and concepts.
    Treaties and Alliances of the World, 3rd ed. (will soon be replaced by the 8th ed., 2007)     JX 4005 .T72 1981
    Provides details of major alliances and organizations. Lists multilateral and bilateral treaties in the fields of defense and economic cooperation. Maps illustrate countries’ membership in alliances or organizations.
    Treaties in Force KZ 235 .T74 Lastest edition also available online
    Produced by the U.S. Department of State, this is a descriptive list of the treaties and international agreements to which the U.S. is a party.
    United Nations
    Web site of the United Nations. Includes online publications and databases.
    United States. Department of State
    See especially Countries and Regions and International Topics and Issues.
    United States. Dept. of State. Foreign relations of the United States JX233 .A3
    Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States
    United States Government Documents (Maag Library)
    A guide to information on the Web published by the federal and state governments (prepared by Maag Library).
    World Factbook
    Factual and statistical information published by the CIA. Country information updated as of August 2003. Use the search box at the top of the screen to select a country.
    Associations on the Net (Political Science and Law)
    Once on the site, select a subject category. If message says “no items found”, select “Subject collections” and/or “Magazines.”
    Center for American Women in Politics
    The Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) is a university-based research, education and public service center. Its mission is to promote greater knowledge and understanding about women’s participation in politics and government and to enhance women’s influence and leadership in public life. Learn more about our program areas.
    Center for Progressive Leadership
    Common Cause
    “Common Cause is a lobbying organization whose main goal is to make “our government more accountable to its citizens. It does not support any of the political parties, but works for government reform.”
    From Suffrage to the Senate: America’s Political Women : an Encyclopedia of Leaders, Causes, & Issues, 2 vols.
    Ref. HQ 1236.5 .U6 S32 2006
    Good to Great : Why Some Companies Make the Leap–and Others Don’t, by Jim Collins. HD 57.7 .C645 2001 (print) and on CD CD 2257
    The author and his staff evaluate and track eleven companies who went from good to great and stayed there for fifteen years. The key, in the end, was “leadership.” A new look at what makes a great leader.
    To the Contrary (PBS)
    “To The Contrary [provides] an important, timely forum for women to discuss national and international issues and policies…With more women in Congress and the Cabinet, women’s issues and perspectives are more high-profile than ever before. Americans have cast strong votes of confidence in women leaders and leaders who promote concerns embraced by women. To The Contrary, a leader in women’s perspectives, will continue to make their voices heard throughout its [fifteenth] season of broadcast.”
    Washington Week (PBS)
    “Washington Week is the longest-running public affairs program on PBS. The show first aired locally on WETA on February 23, 1967…. [It]features a group of journalists participating in roundtable discussion of major news events.” Each week, each journalist is assigned to become expert on a given topic. They are then interviewed/questioned by the other three. No hype, no argumentative discourse, just informed journalism on topics of the previous week and of the day.