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Physics Subject Guide: Books

Finding Books in MaagNET and OhioLINK

Books can be found through MaagNET, the Maag Library online catalog, or through the OhioLINK Catalog, which locates items available at other OhioLINK institutions.  Follow the OhioLINK Borrowing Service procedure to request them.

Physics resources are located throughout the library--the Reference Room, Serials (journals), or in the circulating collection--and arranged according to the Library of Congress (LC) Classification System. If a useful item is found in one of these areas, use that same call number to find other material on the same or similar topics in other areas of the library. See Call Numbers, Location, and Building Guide for assistance.

Physics Terms with Related Call Number Ranges

Weights and Measures QC81-QC114
Descriptive and Experimental Physics QC120-QC168
Atomic Physics QC170-QC197
Acoustics and Sound QC220-QC246
Heat QC251-QC338
Optics and Light QC350-QC467
Radiation Physics QC474-QC496
Electricity and Magnetism QC501-QC766
Nuclear and Particle Physics QC770-QC798
Geophysics, Cosmic Physics QC-801-QC809
Geomagnetism QC811-QC849
Meteorology and Climatology QC859-QC999


In addition to print monographs some full-text, scholarly, scientific monographs may be found through the Electronic Book Center (EBC) using Library of Congress Subject headings or such keyword search terms as “Acoustics, Physics, Geophysics, Optics, or Astrophysics.” Three other collections of electronic resources are Safari Books, Wiley Online Books, and the EBSCO E-Book Collections.

Reference Librarian: Science & Engineering