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Periodicals at Maag Library: Periiodicals at Maag Library

Periodicals Home


The 6th level periodicals area is a quiet study area.

Maag Library provides access to thousands of periodicals online, in print, or microform.

The periodical collections include, but are not limited to:

  • Bound journals and current issues, located on the 6th floor, are arranged by subject and shelved by Library of Congress (LC) call numbers. This simplifies the process of finding journals as all issues of a title will be together.
  • Some older bound journals stored in NE Regional Depository.
  • Periodicals in the Maag Microform Center.
  • Many OhioLINK research databases,  such as JSTOR: an electronic journal archive, and professional journals in the  Electronic Journal Center.
  • Current newspapers are available on the Main floor (Reference Room) in the Maag News Corner arranged in alphabetical order by title.
  • Newspaper Resources at Maag Library

To look for a particular journal,  search MaagNET or the Maag Journal Finder

Note most recent issues in white boxes

On 6, recent issues are in white boxes next to their bound older ones.

Finding Current periodicals

Periodicals may be in print, microform, or online. Maag Library has approximately 951 current print periodical subscriptions ranging from popular titles such as The New Yorker and Sports Illustrated, to scholarly works such as JAMA and the Journal of American History.

Most Maag periodicals, both current and bound–are on the 6th floor organized on the shelf by the Library of Congress Call Number. Consult MaagNET to find the call numbers. For example, the most recent issue of Newsweek is located on the 6th floor on shelf 1A with the call number AP2.N6772. The Library’s holdings statement says Maag owns paper copies back to 1951, but some are located at the regional depository.
Nearly 100 microform subscriptions such as GQ and Vogue are located in the Microform Center on Maag"s Third Level.

How to Make a Copy of Microform Materials

Copies of most microform materials can be obtained from our three reader/printers.  They are available on a first come first serve basis and can be utilized with self service or with staff assistance.
Everything Old is New Again!  Digital Microform Copier Available  in Maag Microform Center
Think green!  Use our  digital microform reader/printer to save microform images of a newspaper article to a disk, jump drive, or e-mail it to yourself.  Most of the one million items in  the Microform Center can be accessed in this manner.  Stop by the Microform service desk if you need assistance or a demonstration.
                                                          Scanning a newspaper to the PC                                                      
                                                                   Scanning a microform image to our PC.

Subject Guide

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Co-Director & Head of Research and Academic Support
William F. Maag Jr. Library
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Phone: 330.941.3681

It Doesn't Take a Genius... but

A True Greek Tragedy:: The Holocaust in Salonika

A True Greek Tragedy: The Holocaust in Salonika

A YSU Documentary That Aired on PBS Western Reserve

Ash and Smoke cast photos

Now Available at Maag Library!

A joint effort of YSU’s Maag Library, History Department and the Department of Media & Academic Computing, this one hour documentary was broadcast by Public Television’s  Western Reserve Public Media  during the 2011-12 season and was rebroadcast in 2013. Here is a preview.

This Jambar article  discussed the creation of the program. It was featured at the Youngstown Area 2012 Jewish Film Festival   Dr. Saul Friedman taught at YSU from 1969 to 2006 and was founder of our Holocaust Studies program. In addition to a dozen books, he created 13 documentaries of which 5 received regional Emmy Awards.   He  died March 31, 2013.

According to the records of the Greek government, 56,500 Jewish citizens lived in the city of Salonika on the eve of the Holocaust.   By December 1944 only three remained.  This is their story–and by extension–it is the story of the Jews of Greece.

 Ash and /Smoke  may be borrowed from the Maag Library AudioVisual Collection, Call number  DVD 0432. 

It will appear online in the Maag archives in the future.

Photos from the Ash and Smoke premiere 2012