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BIOL 5833 -- Mammalian Endocrinology: Overview


Maag Library provides access to print and electronic Biology books, journals and data resources. Listed below is a portion of items available. For individualized assistance, visit the Reference Desk on the main floor of the library or submit a question to Ask a Librarian!

Biology Terms with Related Call Number Ranges 

Biochemistry QD415-QD436
Genetics QH426-QH470
Zoology.  Anatomy. QL801-QL950.9
Human Anatomy QM1-QM695
Physiology QP1-QP981
Vertebrate Endocrinology QP187
Medicine, General R5-R920
Internal Medicine RC310-RC1245
Metabolic Diseases RC627.5-RC632
Diseases of the Endocrine Glands.  Clinical Endocrinology RC648-RC665
Surgery RD1-811
Pharmacology RM1-RM931

Reference Resources

Reference materials may be found in the Reference Room.  While these materials do not circulation, they provide a basis from which to start your research.

Reference Librarian: Science & Engineering

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