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CRC Collections: Die Cutters

A guide to all the materials located in the Wilcox Curriculum Resource Center.

Ellison Die Cutter Collection

What are CRC  Die Cutters?

  • Die cutters are big paper punches.  They look like cookie cutters.  You can use them on the Ellison die press located in the back of the CRC.  The CRC has dies for holidays, animals, science, geography, nutrition, and more.

How long do they check out with my YSU ID?

  • Die cutters check out for 3 hours to be used inside the CRC.  You must ask for them at the CRC counter.

How many die cutters do you have?

  • The CRC has 379 shape die cutters, plus letters and numbers.

What's new?

What's new in the Die Cutter Collection?

Added April 2023: