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Management is the study of the process of working with and through others to solve practical problems and reach organizational goals. Programs offered by the Department of Management are designed to develop and enhance the skills and knowledge base necessary for successful managers. Effective managers must be able to meet the challenges of rapid change, intense and global competition, and increased sensitivity to social concerns that characterize today’s business environment.

As leaders, managers are responsible for the successful performance of their unit and its function. They must have a thorough understanding of strategic planning, human resource management, product planning and design, capacity management, materials management, global operations, organizational design, and information systems. Supervisory, middle, and upper-level managers practice in a variety of profit and non-profit settings, and they must be adept in their interpersonal, informational and decisional roles.

The Department of Management offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in the following majors: management information systems, human resource management, and general administration. An individualized curriculum in international management is also offered.

Librarian for Business, Economics & Government Information

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Christine Adams
Christine Adams, MLS
Co-Director & Head of Research and Academic Support
William F. Maag Jr. Library
Information Services
Phone: 330.941.3681