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STEM 2601H -- BSMD Honors Seminar: Overview


The information on this page is designed to assist with student research projects and in identifying helpful resources.  Maag Library provides access to print and electronic Biology books, journals and data resources. Listed below is a portion of items available. For individualized assistance, visit the Reference Desk on the main floor of the library or submit a question to Ask a Librarian!

Reference materials may be found in the Reference Room.  While these materials do not circulation, they provide a basis from which to start your research.

Biology Terms with Related Call Number Ranges 

General Biology QH301-QH705.5
Genetics QH426-QH470
Reproduction QH471-QH489
Life QH501-QH531
Cytology QH573-QH671
General Human Anatomy QM1-QM511
Regional Human Anatomy QM531-QM549
Human and Comparative Histology QM550-QM577.8
Human Embryology QM601-QM695
General Physiology QP1-QP345
Neurophysiology and neuropsychology QP351-QP495
Animal Biochemistry QP501-QP801
Experimental Pharmacology QP901-QP981


Assistant Reference Librarian Science and Engineering

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Christine Adams
Christine Adams, MLS
Co-Director & Head of Research and Academic Support
William F. Maag Jr. Library
Information Services
Phone: 330.941.3681