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OhioLINK Open Access Publishing Agreements

OhioLINK has negotiated five read and publish agreements for its institutions’ authors. These publishing agreements allow authors to publish open access at no cost to the authors or additional cost to their institutions, in addition to providing access to a broad range of high-quality research articles from these publishers.

What is open access publishing?

Open Access (OA) is a way to publish that makes content freely available with no subscription or access fees. Journal publishers were traditionally compensated for the editorial and distribution work of providing scholarly articles through journal subscription fees. In order to make articles open, publishers are compensated for their editorial and publishing services through an Article Publication Charge (APC), which varies by journal.

Peter Suber's "classic" Overview of Open Access

What is a hybrid journal?

"Hybrid" means that the journal publishes articles that are available both by subscription and through open access.