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CINAHL Plus with Full Text (EBSCO): Advanced Searching

Advanced Searching

When to use the Advanced Search:

  • You have already written a research question
  • You have identified synonyms for your topic
  • You have a well focused topic with 2-4 concepts

When using the advanced search, set up your terms as seen below.  Be sure to uncheck the "Sugest Subject Terms" box or else you will only see thesarus terms.

Screenshot of CINAHL search box

Advanced Searching Tips

Image of ven diagram showing boolean operators


AND vs. OR:  Combine your terms with AND when they are 2 different concepts that must be included in your search.  Combine your terms with OR when they are synonyms and can be interchanged.

      ex: Nurse AND Salary

      ex: Nurse OR RN


(_____) Parenthesis:  Use parenthesis to group synonyms together with the combining term OR

      ex: (Nurse OR RN)


* Asterisk: Use the asterisk to look for all endings of a word by first removing the ending, then adding the asterisk.  This is also called Truncation.

      ex: nurs* ----> nurse, nurses, nursing

      ex: educat* -----> educate, educates, education, educator, educators, etc



Subject Guide

Nurse Authors

If you want to find articles written by nurses, you can use the CINAHL database.  Access CINAHL from the links on the right, type your search like normal, then you can use the limits below the search bar like the image below.

Image showing check box for Nurse as first author or any author