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Respiratory Care Seminar RESC 6906: 2: Where to Look

The Maag Library Website

Academic Research begins with Academic sources!!!  Use one of the databases below to begin your research.

  • Internet search engines such as Google will return any result that is listed online
  • There is no way to focus Google Scholar toward medical academic literature
  • Academic search engines (or databases) return academic journal articles
  • Choose one of the medically focused databases when you are researching a medical topic. (Note - the list below does not include Academic Search Complete because it is not a medical database)


Note: To access these from off campus you will need to log in to a screen that looks like this...

  • You name should be entered the same as it appears on your YSU ID
  • Your Y number is also on your ID.  Be sure to include the "Y"
  • Your pin is usually your Y number again unless you have changed it.


Health Sciences Databases

Step 2

Use the information in the left hand column to decide where to search and log in!

Assignment Benchmark

At this time you can list which databases you will be using!

(You will enter this into the form at the end of the tutorial)

EX) Medline