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Respiratory Care Seminar RESC 6906: 3: Search Examples and Full Text

Seraching Databases


  • Type one concept on each line.  
  • Use OR to combine words that can be interchanged like nebulizer/inhaler
  • Parenthesis group words together that can be interchanged
  • Use AND to combine words that must be included like Asthma/management
  • Leave drop down menu on select a field for these databases

Example of Medline Search box



  • Type one concept on each line
  • Proquest inserts the OR for you so you don't have to type it like in the example above
  • Change the drop-down menu to "Anywhere except full text-ALL" to avoid less helpful results


Example of searching Proquest Nursing searchbox



If you don't like the results you see, you can try changing the words you are using.  Notice how my 2 searches used different words in each database!

In general fewer words = more results!

Step 3

Use the examples on the left to structure your search.


Assignment Benchmark

Write out your search statement the way it appeared in the database:

(You will enter this into the form at the end of the tutorial)

EX) MedLine

Asthma AND (nebulizer OR inhaler) AND management


EX) ProQuest

Asthma AND (nebulizer OR albuterol inhaler) AND symptom management