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THTR 3763 - Scene Design: Online Resources

Resources to help you research and create sets & scenery elements that are historically accurate

Ohio Resources

Looking for images and resources from Ohio history? Try the following databases in the list below: History & Archives Digital Resources; LIFE Photo Archive; Sanborn Historic Maps

Click here to see the complete list of Multimedia Databases (pictures, sounds, videos, etc.).

Online Databases

Be sure to click on more... to learn more about each database.

Click here to see the complete list of Theater databases.

Searching for Places

If you're looking for images of a particular place and time, try searching Google Images with terms like this:

historic photos midwest barn
historic photos youngstown ohio train overpass

Remember when you are searching online that there are two ways to spell it: theater and theater. If you search for theat* it will look for both (and theatrical, theaters, etc.)

Google Image Search allows you to filter out images that are free of copyright restrictions. Click "Search Tools" and choose from the list of Usage Rights.

Online Resources for Scene/Set Design

The Art of Visual Storytelling