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The economics major is designed to prepare students for careers both in the public and private sectors and for additional study in the field of economics. Economics graduates are qualified for a wide variety of positions in the financial sector, and jobs in business and government research. Students frequently use a major in economics as preparation for law school. Graduates choosing to pursue additional study in economics have been very successful in gaining admission to masters and doctoral programs.

To be competitive in the job market, economics majors must have knowledge of microeconomics, macroeconomics, and statistical techniques. They must be able to apply the theory and statistical techniques they have learned to public policy issues and business problems and be able to present their conclusions. The learning objectives of the economics major are as follows:

  • Microeconomics: The student will be able to discuss the characteristics of different market structures and how the structure of a market affects consumers. The student will also be able to explain the conditions that must be met for an economy to use its resources in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Macroeconomics: The student will be able to explain the major macroeconomic goals: rapid economic growth, high employment, and stable prices and how the tools of monetary and fiscal policy can be used to achieve macroeconomic goals.
  • Statistical Analysis: The student will be able to interpret descriptive statistics, the results of hypothesis tests, and regression estimates.
  • Communication Skills: The student will be able to give a well-prepared presentation on an economic problem.

Description taken from Youngstown State University’s Undergraduate Bulletin.

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