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Materials on law can be found in various formats (paper, microform, electronic) and in several locations (Reference, Serials, Government Documents, and/or the General Collection) in Maag Library. Increasingly, sources of information are available electronically. See the partial listing under Other Resources at the end of this guide.
Books and periodicals may use the Library of Congress Classification for Law:
K: Law
KF: Law of the United States
KFO Law: Law of Ohio
For information on how to find the following specific types of law, see the individual guides that deal with each type of law:
  • Statutes-- laws passed by the Legislative Branch (e.g. U.S. Congress or the Ohio General Assembly). These are sometimes referred to as Acts, Enactments, or Session Laws (Ohio). Proposed laws are called bills.
  • Administrative rules and regulations -- these are established by Government agencies authorized by the Legislative Branch (Congress or General Assembly) to do so (e.g. EPA regulations).
  • Case law -- decisions of the courts that become law (e.g. U.S. Supreme Court cases, or cases of the Ohio Courts).

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