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NURS 2610 - Contemporary Nursing: Professional Organizations

Created for Louise Aurilio's Contemporary Nursing Class

Information from Professional Organizations

The About Us Page: Many organizations will have an about us page which can give you details about the nursing specialty and what the organizations focuses on

Membership: This page may be simmilar to the about us page, it should contain information about becoming a member of the organization and/or entering the profession.

Education: This section will often include information about continuing education and credentialing

Research/Publications: This section will sometimes have reports on the profession, but more often provides links to the journal that is published by that specific organizaion.  This can be a good place to look for information on specialty carrers.

Search Bar: This is a good place to look for specific information about the career field like job requirements and salary studies.

Professional Nursing Organizations

Professional organizations may have information about salaries, certifications, and other information for entering the specialty.

This list comes from the American Nurses Association:

In addition to the list from ANA, a few more professional organizations include:

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