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Free Evidence Based Practice Tools: TRIP Database

Tools for evidence based practice that can be used at any institution

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Research on TRIP

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Specialized Searching in TRIP (Turning Research into Practice)

The PICO (Patient, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome) form of generating clinical questions is the perfect way of searching the TRIP Medical Database with the PICO search option:

Trip Medical Database Home Page Screenshot

TRIP has also pioneered a way of comparing the results of any original research article quickly with the Rapid Review:

Screenshot Showing Trip Rapid Review

Once you have searched, you can select the appropriate articles and click analyze to view the results side by side.  

Trip Medical Database Search Results


Full Text in TRIP

Use the filters on the right hand side of the result screen to find systematic reviews and practice guidelines. Clicking on the title of the article will take you to either the PubMed Central article for free, or to the publisher page which will ask you to pay for a copy of the article.

Screenshot of results