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Free Evidence Based Practice Tools: Full Text Options

Tools for evidence based practice that can be used at any institution

PubMed Central

When you search PubMed, free full text will be labeled under the article. Any article receiving government funding must be entered in PubMed Central (PMC).

Screenshot of PubMed results

Local NNLM Members

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine is committed to providing access to medical personnel throughout the United States.  Check their Members page for a local library.

National Network of Libraries of Medicine


LoansomeDoc (also known as DocLine) is a service through the National Network of Libraries of Medicine for any medical professional to request journal articles. It may come with a small fee depending on the loaning library and your affiliations.


YSU Graduates

YSU graduates can request full text articles through InterLibrary Loan for free as long as they are either a member of the YSU Alumni Society or the Friends of Maag Library, each costing $30 per year.