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Social Work: Tips for Better Results

Advanced Searching Tips

Image of ven diagram showing boolean operators


AND vs. OR:  Combine your terms with AND when they are 2 different concepts that must be included in your search.  Combine your terms with OR when they are synonyms and can be interchanged.

      ex: Nurse AND Salary

      ex: Nurse OR RN


(_____) Parenthesis:  Use parenthesis to group synonyms together with the combining term OR

      ex: (Nurse OR RN)


* Asterisk: Use the asterisk to look for all endings of a word by first removing the ending, then adding the asterisk.  This is also called Truncation.

      ex: nurs* ----> nurse, nurses, nursing

      ex: educat* -----> educate, educates, education, educator, educators, etc



Boolean Operators

Keyword Searching