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How to Find Articles: Getting Started


When deciding on a topic:

  • Choose a topic that interests you, perhaps one you are already familiar with or one you would like to learn more about.
  • Make sure your topic has enough published about it, especially if you need scholarly research.
  • While researching, you can narrow or broaden your topic as needed.
  • Opposing Viewpoints → Browse Issues is a great place to look for topic ideas.
  • Also Global Issues (Gale in Context)Browse Issues


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Opposing Viewpoints → Browse Issues is a great place to look for topic ideas.
Some possible topics are listed below:

Abortion Global Warming & Climate Change Road Rage
Affirmative Action Green New Deal Same-Sex Marriage
Animal Experimentation Gun Control Sentencing & Prison Reform
Animal Rights Hacking & Hackers Service & Emotional Support Animals
Artificial Intelligence Hate Crimes Sexual Abuse in Religious Institutions
Body Image Hate Groups Sexual Harassment
Bullying Hazing Sexual Orientation
Capital Punishment Homelessness Slavery Reparations
Charter Schools Home Schooling Standardized Testing
Church & State Human Trafficking States' Rights
Civil Liberties Income Inequality Stem Cells
Civil Rights LGBTQ Rights Student Activism & Free Speech
Concealed Weapons Media Bias Suicide
Conspiracy Theories Memes & Viral Content Transgender Rights
Cyberbullying Militias Underage Drinking
Digital Currency Minimum Legal Drinking Age Undocumented Immigrants
Domestic Terrorism Minimum Wage Vaccines
Drug Legalization National Service Vegetarianism
Drugs & Athletes Online Dating Video Games
E-Cigarettes & Vapor Products Opioid Crisis Virtual & Augmented Reality
Eating Disorders Plastic Waste Voter Registration
Electoral College Police Brutality Voting Laws
Endangered Species Pollution Wage Discrimination
Esports Predatory Lending Water Pollution
Fake News on Social Media Racial Profiling Welfare Reform
Fossil Fuels Rape & Sexual Assault Western US Drought & Wildfires
Fracking Reality Television Whistleblowers
Freedom of Speech Recycling WikiLeaks
Gender Identity Refugees in the US Women in Combat
Genetic Engineering Renewable Energy Youth Sports
Genetically Modified Foods Reproductive Rights Zoos & Aquariums
Gerrymandering & Redistricting Right to Bear Arms