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Maag Library Medical Models: Organ Models

Organ Model Pictures

Respiratory Organs Model

This unbreakable life-size model is distinctively colored to illustrate anatomical detail. Includes diaphragm, the aorta with the origins of five abdominal arteries, three thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, sectioned left lung, sectioned larynx, and dissectible heart.

Human Brain Artery Anatomical Model

Anatomical Brain Artery Model Consists of 9 Parts such as Sagittal Plane, Cerebrum Hemisphere, and Cerebellum. Cerebral Hemisphere, Diencephalon, Cerebellum, Midbrain, Pons, Medulla Oblongata, Etc. Shared 41 Parts.

Human Brain

Hand painted, life size model of the human brain separates into 8 parts. Included, you will find a detailed keycard that corresponds to the 45 numbers on the model itself. The model is divided to show the temporal and occipital lobes, brain stem, cerebellum and the basiler artery. Blood vessels are visible across the entire model

Heart Of America with Bypass

The Heart of America Plus Model with Coronary Bypasses is twice the size of a human adult heart to show detail and facilitate study. Three hinged portals allow full access to heart chambers and valves. Attached portions of trachea and esophagus demonstrate their relationship to major vessels. Unbreakable vinyl model fully rotates on wooden pedestal, or lifts off for pass-around viewing. Boasting no less than 63 cardiac structures, all of which are number-coded and identified in a corresponding key, this lifelike Heart of America Plus Model with Coronary Bypasses is renowned for its anatomical detail. Also displayed are an accurately scaled brachiocephalic trunk, left common carotid and left subclavian artery, complete with right and left internal thoracic (internal mammary) arteries, plus attachable/detachable bypass vessels of flexible tubing in a variety of lengths. Simply attach tubing with build-in quick connects to model to configure single, double, triple, LIMA or bilateral IMA bypass grafts. 

Human Heart

Life size in 2 parts. The anterior heart wall can be removed to show the left and right ventricles and atria as well as the tricuspid, pulmonary, mitral and aortic valves.

Human Torso

This popular school torso is supplied with the following removable parts and organs:

  • 3-part head
  • 2 lungs
  • 2-part heart
  • Stomach
  • Liver with gall bladder
  • 2-part intestinal tract
  • Front half of kidney
  • Front half of urinary bladder

2-Part Larynx Model

This model features the Larynx, Hyoid bone, Windpipe, Ligaments, Muscles,Vessels, Nerves and the Thyroid gland

Giant Larynx

Model shows 4 times life-size, this unbreakable replica is complete with hyoid bone and epiglottis. The right side depicts only the cartilaginous structure, while the left shows the musculature as well. Model includes movable vocal cords, arytenoid cartilages and epiglottis all accurately demonstrate their functions.

Respiratory System Model

Facilitate learning about breathing and the anatomical complexities of the human respiratory system through three detailed model reliefs: the cutaway upper human torso and head, an enlarged image of a bronchial tree, and a greatly magnified alveoli partially sectioned.

Lower GI Tract

Cut-away view model of the small and large intestine with the following common pathologies: adhesions, appendicitis, bacterial ifenctions, cancer, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, polyps, spastic colon, and ulcerative colitis.