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Maag Library Medical Models: Home

Available Models at Maag Circulation Desk

Brain model on blue stand
heart model on stand
Vascular arm on grey stand
Respiratory System Model, hang on wall with manual
Muscular leg on base from hip to foot
life size skeleton mounted with muscles & ligament

Human Lumbar Spinal Column Model

The lumbar model includes a prolapsed inter-vertebral disc between the 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebrae

Five Vertebrae

  • Atlas, axis, cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae
  • Loosely threaded on nylon

Disarticulated Half Human Skeleton Bone Box

This replica of a disarticulated half human skeleton is complete with mounted skull, sternum, hyoid, and spinal column. The hand and foot are mounted with wire for demonstration of natural human movement. 51 Parts


This 3B® Human Skeleton Bundle includes the rod-supported 3B Articulated Human Skeleton

Life Size Skeleton Model with Muscles & Ligaments

  • Life-size human skeleton made of high quality medical PVC
  • Muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue) are accurately painted on the left side
  • Ligaments are represented on the right side
  • Skull has movable jaw, removable skull cap, suture lines and a full dentition
  • Both arms and legs are joined by connectors and can be moved to demonstrate natural movement around the joint

Respiratory System Model

Facilitate learning about breathing and the anatomical complexities of the human respiratory system through three detailed model reliefs: the cutaway upper human torso and head, an enlarged image of a bronchial tree, and a greatly magnified alveoli partially sectioned.

Human Torso

This popular school torso is supplied with the following removable parts and organs:

  • 3-part head
  • 2 lungs
  • 2-part heart
  • Stomach
  • Liver with gall bladder
  • 2-part intestinal tract
  • Front half of kidney
  • Front half of urinary bladder

1/2 Life-Size Complete Human Dual Sex Human Model-33 part

This human muscular figure includes the following removable parts:

  • 5 arm/shoulder muscles
  • 8 leg/hip muscles
  • 2-part heart
  • 2-part brain
  • 2 lungs
  • 2-part male and 2-part female genital inserts
  • 2-part intestine system
  • Detachable breast/belly covering and arms for detailed study
  • Almost 400 hand-numbered and identified structures
  • Plus more!

Vascular Arm

The life-size model of the left arm and hand in a semi-flexed position features the brachial, radial, and ulnar arteries and accompanying veins with their radicals in situ.

Arteries and Veins Around Skeletal Structure Displayed
High-Quality Construction
Keycard Provided
Finest Detail of Skeletal and Vascular Anatomy Available

The complete circulatory system of the hand is shown on both palmar and dorsal surfaces. Comparative sizes of the various blood vessels are clearly indicated and facilitate the study of the blood circulation in the arm.

Human Brain

Hand painted, life size model of the human brain separates into 8 parts. Included, you will find a detailed keycard that corresponds to the 45 numbers on the model itself. The model is divided to show the temporal and occipital lobes, brain stem, cerebellum and the basiler artery. Blood vessels are visible across the entire model

Muscled Arm

This muscled arm model illustrates both the superficial and deeper muscles, five of which are removable from the muscled arm. Tendons, vessels, nerves and bone components of the left arm and shoulder are shown in great detail on this high quality muscle model. Parts numbered on muscled arm for easy identification of parts.

Muscular Leg

The muscular leg model illustrates both the superficial and deeper muscles, eight of which are removable. Tendons, vessels, nerves and bone components of the left leg and foot are shown in great detail in the muscular leg. All parts of muscular leg numbered.

Human Heart

Life size in 2 parts. The anterior heart wall can be removed to show the left and right ventricles and atria as well as the tricuspid, pulmonary, mitral and aortic valves.

Foot Skeleton Model with Ligaments and Muscles

This anatomically detailed model of the foot and lower leg can be disassembled into 6 removable parts for detailed study of the foot and ankle. The foot skeleton features not only the bones but also the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, arteries, and veins of the foot. The frontal view of the foot model features the extensor muscles of the lower leg. The tendons can be followed on their passage under the transverse and crucial crural ligaments all the way to their insertion points. In addition all tendon sheaths of the foot area are visible. On the dorsal portion of the foot the gastrocnemius muscle is removable to reveal deeper anatomical elements. The sole of the foot is represented in three layers; the first layer displaying the flexor digitorum brevis. This muscle can be removed from the foot revealing the quadratus plantae, the tendon of the flexor digitorum longus, and the flexor hallucis muscle. This second layer is in turn removable to display even deeper anatomical details of the foot. 

Clear Human Jaw

Full size hinged clear cast jaw to allow viewing of roots. Healthy side shows normal dentition and occlusion. Affected side shows multiple pathologies, including: super eruption, apical alveolar abscess with caries, periodontal disease, lateral abscess, abfraction, irregular root curvature, impacted canine, erosion, fractured tooth, horizontal impact, radicular pulpitis, root canal with crown, internal resorption, attrition, external resorption of root, implants, and fractured root

Internal Hand Model 3-Part

Full size hand model showing the superficial and internal structures of the hand, including bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and arteries (superficial and deep palmar arches

Respiratory Organs Model

This unbreakable life-size model is distinctively colored to illustrate anatomical detail. Includes diaphragm, the aorta with the origins of five abdominal arteries, three thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, sectioned left lung, sectioned larynx, and dissectible heart.

Head Section Model

Frontal section through the human paranasal sinuses covered with mucous membrane. Signs of sinusitis (paranasal sinus inflammation) on the right, with normal ventilation of the left side. 


Hand and Wrist Anatomy Chart

This anatomical chart depicts the anatomy and pathology of the hand and wrist in bright colors. The poster presents the wrist in anatomical detail while reviewing common pathologies that can affect the area. 

Human Muscle Chart

This colorful anatomical chart illustrates the human muscular system in full detail. Every part of the human body's muscular system is labeled in this detailed anatomy poster.

Human Teeth Chart

This anatomical chart shows the anatomy of the human teeth in detail. In addition to the anatomy of the teeth the poster also presents information about some common dental diseases.

The Human Sleleton

This colorful anatomical chart details all the parts of the human skeleton. The anatomy of the skeleton is labeled on a realistic picture and makes for an easy study of the bones of the body.