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Test Instruments and Measurement Tools: Browsing Published Tools

Provides information about locating scales, measures, surveys, or questionnaires for conducting research

Browsing for Published Tools

Browsing for measurement tools can sometimes be faster and more effective than searching.  To use any of these resources, first look to the indexes that they provide for a listing of appropriate tools.

Browsing the Books

When you are using a print book, you should make use of the Indexes that are available.  See the box above for the indexes I suggest for each.  In general you are looking for a title or description that you think may work for your research topic.


A subject index like the one below is already broken down by focus area for you.

Screenshot book result


A title index requires you to browse and make judgments based on the name of the measurement tool.

Screenshot of a title index


Many times books will only publish reviews of the tools.  You may want to start with the books to find the name of a survey or tool, then search one of the databases or the internet for an actual copy of that tool