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CMST 1545 - Communication Foundations: Publication Types

Resources for research projects & speeches


  Scholarly / Academic Journals Trade Publications Popular Magazines
Type of Information Articles report original research or analysis of existing research Articles discuss practical information regarding a particular industry Articles provide information to a general audience
Article Authors Experts in a particular field Usually written by those knowledgeable about the industry Usually editorial staff or freelance writers
Audience Other experts in a particular field Others interested in the particular industry General audience, no expertise assumed
Peer Reviewed
(or Refereed)?
Yes, articles are reviewed by other experts before publication No, but standards may be higher than for popular magazines No
Article Structure Long, usually includes abstract, literature review, methodology, results, and conclusion Brief Brief
Sources Sources are always cited within the text and in a reference list at the end Sources may be cited within article but no reference list at end Sources are usually not cited
& Pictures
No ads but may contain graphs and supporting images Contain both ads and pictures Contain both ads and pictures

Video: Scholarly Sources

Video: Trade Publications

Video: Popular Sources