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Sing It!: Books

Resources for Singers, Choral Directors, and Vocal Music Researchers

Finding Books in MaagNET

Use MaagNET, the online library catalog,to locate books and materials available in Maag Library. Search by Author, Title, Keyword, or Subject Heading. Click on a title to access the record for an item, where you will see the item’s Location, Call Number, and Status. This information helps you determine if the book is available and where it is located in the library. 

Reference materials are available for in-library use only and are shelved alphabetically by call number in the Reference Room on the main floor of the library. Music Reference materials are located on the third floor of the library.
Ready Reference materials are held at the Reference Desk on the main floor of the library.  

Maag Stacks materials are shelved alphabetically by call number on floors 3-6A. Oversize materials are located on the first bank(s) of shelves on each floor. To determine on which floor of the library your item is shelved, use the Building Guide online or signs posted in the Reference Room and by the elevators.

Think of as many different possible titles of a work as you can!

  • For example, The Marriage of Figaro might be Le Nozze di Figaro or Die Hochzeit des Figaro;
  • Die Zauberflöte is also known as The Magic Flute.  Haydn's "A Pastorale" is also known as "My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair."

Think of as many identifying elements as you can!

  • For example, thematic catalog number [e.g., "BWV" = "Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis no. " (Bach), "K." = "Köchel no." (Mozart), "D." = "Deutsch no." (Schubert), "R" = Ryom no. (Vivaldi)], key, opus number, type of genre, instrumentation (and names for that genre or instrumentation/voicing in appropriate foreign languages).
  • Edition = Ausgabe (Ger.)
  • Piano (Eng., Fr., Sp.) = Klavier (Ger.) = pianoforte (It.)
  • Piano edition (reduction)/piano-vocal score = Klavierauszug (Ger.)
  • Symphony (Eng. = symphonie (Fr., Ger.) = sinfonia (It.) = Sinfonía (Sp.)
  • High voice = Hohe Stimme = voix elevée OR voix aiguë
  • Medium voice = Mittlere Stimme (Ger.) = voix moyenne (Fr.)
  • Low voice = Tiefere Stimme (Ger.) = voix grave (Fr.)
  • Choir (Eng.) = chœur (Fr.) = coro (It.) = Chor (Ger.) - coro (Sp.)

If you are singing an aria from an opera, cantata, or oratorio, make sure you know (or find out!) the name of the larger work from which the aria is excerpted.

If you are singing a musical theatre song, it is helpful to know from which musical the song comes!  Some arias and songs will be available ONLY in a complete score of the larger work!

Always know the names of the composers of the pieces you are working on/seeking!

**To find a score of "Deh vieni non tardar" by Mozart try performing the following keyword searches and compare the results:

  • "deh vieni non tardar" mozart - in "All keywords" [and select format "Scores"]
  • "nozze di Figaro" - in "Title keywords" [and select format "Scores"]

NOTE: Use quotes around exact phrases when searching the Library catalog!

**To find a recording of "Se tu m'ami":

  • "se tu mami" [and select format:  "Sound recordings"]

**To find a video of Lauritz Melchior singing excerpts from Wagner's Die Walküre, type:

  • melchior walkure [and select format:  "Videos/DVDs"]

Finding & Requesting Books in OhioLINK

Use the OhioLINK Library Catalog to locate items available through other OhioLINK institutions. Available items may be requested and delivered to Maag Library for checkout (allow 3-5 business days delivery time).

Use the same search techniques to search the OhioLINK Library Catalog that you use in MaagNET. Once you have located a book that you would like to request, check the Status column under Library Holdings. You may have to click on Display Holdings of OhioLINK Libraries. As long as one of the libraries lists the book as AVAILABLE, you may request it:

• Click on green Request button.
• Select Youngstown State from dropdown list of institutions and Submit.
• Enter your name.
• Enter your YSU ID# (“Y” number found on your YSU ID).
• Click on green Submit button.

You will see a confirmation screen that tells you if your transaction has been successful. Delivery time is approximately 3 to 5 business days. When your items arrive, an email will be sent to your YSU email account.

To check the status of your request, go to your Library Account and log in using your name and YSU ID#. A request will have one of three statuses: REQUESTED, IN TRANSIT or OHIOLINK RECVD. OHIOLINK RECVD indicates the item is ready for checkout at the Circulation Desk. Be sure to bring your YSU ID for pickup and checkout.

Search Everything (EBSCO Discovery Service)

Search Everything: Search for books, articles, and more in a single search.
Refine your list of results using limiters on the left side:

  • Limit to Full Text and/or Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals
  • Specify a specific Publication Date range
  • Narrow by Source Type: Academic Journals, Conference Materials, Magazines, News, Reports, Trade Publications, Videos, etc.
  • Narrow to a specific Publication
  • Narrow to a specific Database

Finding Electronic Books

YSU students, faculty & staff have access to electronic books through the databases listed below. When off campus authenticate using your name and YSU ID#.

    Browse full-text APA books, classic books, and entries from the Encyclopedia of Psychology.

    Collection of 8,500+ Cambridge University Press ebooks published from 2015 forward.
    Note: Since YSU has access to a portion of Cambridge Core content, the opening screen limits to available full-text titles. Use “Refine listing” box (left side) to search within available titles. Using “Search all journal & book content” and “Search books” (upper right) searches ALL Cambridge Core content, including content not accessible.

    Ebooks from Columbia, Harvard, California, Stanford, Toronto, and University of Pennsylvania, Rutgers and Penn State presses covering a variety of subjects, including sciences, humanities, business, technology, medicine, law, and more.

    OhioLINK EBC contains the full texts of thousands of scholarly and reference e-books from several publishers, covering many subject areas.

    Thousands of titles purchased by OhioLINK, plus thousands of public-domain e-books. Operates on the library check-out model, where readers check out e-books for a specified amount of time.

    Ebooks in subjects including earth and planetary sciences, engineering and computing, life and biological sciences, medical sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences.

    The IOP ebooks™ collection offer high-quality research across the physical sciences. They have been created to meet the needs of students, early-career researchers and established leaders in the respective fields.

    3,000+ eBooks from MIT Press. Subject areas covered include art and architecture, biomedical sciences, business and finance, computer science, cognitive science, design, education, environment, game studies, humanities, information science, linguistics, neuroscience, new media, philosophy, and social sciences. E-books are DRM-free, downloadable as chapter PDFs, with no simultaneous user limit.

  • O'REILLY SAFARI LEARNING PLATFORM (formerly Safari Books Online)
    **Under Select Your Institution, choose Not Listed? Click Here. Enter your YSU email and click on Let's Go.**
    Provides electronic books in computer science, information technology, business, and related fields from O’Reilly, Pearson, and other IT and business publishers.

    Important scholarly books, both classic and newly-published works, in the humanities and social sciences. Oxford imprints include OUP Oxford, OUP USA, and Clarendon Press.

    Full texts of important scholarly books from ProQuest. Ebooks on the go -- Ebook Central is designed with mobile in mind. Access the site from your tablet or phone, and download ebooks for offline reading.

    Up-to-date overviews of classic and current research across the Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Psychology, Engineering, and Built Environment from Routledge and CRC Press.

    Access to millions of scientific documents from journals, books, series, protocols & reference works.

    Multidisciplinary collection of online resources covering life, health and physical sciences, social science, and the humanities. Over 4 million articles from 1500 journals, over 11,500 online books, and hundreds of reference works, laboratory protocols and databases.