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Sing It!: Choral Reference

Resources for Singers, Choral Directors, and Vocal Music Researchers

Locating Info About Choral Music

Music Index (1949-1980, 1998-1999).
REF ML 118 .M84 (3rd floor)

Choral Translations

The Complete Church and Secular Cantatas /Johann Sebastian Bach; trans. by Richard Stokes
ML 53.8 .B3 C3613 2000

Choral-Orchestral Literature

The Choral-Orchestral Works of Hector Berlioz / Metche Franke Alexander.
ML 410 .B5 A8 1978a

A Conductor's Guide to Nineteenth-Century Choral-Orchestral Works / Jonathan D. Green.
ML 128 .C48 G73 2008

Directory of Choral-Orchestral Music / Michael Rosewall.
ML 128 .C48 R67 2007

Conducting Beethoven / Norman Del Mar.
MT 85 .D336 1992

Handbook on Conducting and Orchestral Routine for the Prospective Conductor of Either Chorus or Orchestra / Frank E. Kendrie
MT 85 .K4

General Choral Research

A Checklist of Twentieth-Century Choral Music for Male Voices / Kenneth Creighton Roberts.
ML 128 .V7 R6

Choral Music by African-American Composers: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography / Evelyn Davidson White.
REF ML 128 .C48 W5 1996 (3rd floor)

Choral Music for Women's Voices: An Annotated Bibliography of Recommended Works / Charles C. Burnsworth.
REF ML 128 .V7 B87 (3rd floor)

Sacred Choral Repertoire

Bibliography of Theses and Dissertations in Sacred Music / Kenneth R. Hartley
ML 128 .S2 H4

Catalogue of Choral Music Arranged in Biblical Order / James Laster.
OVERSIZE ML 128 .C54 L4 1983

The Choirmaster's Guide: Lists of Anthems, Solos, Services, Cantatas, Classified and Tested / Harold W. Thompson
ML 128 .V7 T45

Church Music: An International Bibliography / Richard C. Von Ende.
REF ML 128 .C54 V66 (3rd floor)

English Church Music: A Bibliography / Paul Yeats-Edwards
REF ML 128 .C54 Y4 (3rd floor)

K-12 & Collegiate Repertoire

The High School Vocal Music Program / Wayne R. Jipson
MT3 .U5 J56

Teaching Suggestions and Piano Accompaniments: Singing on our Way / Lilla Belle Pitts
MT935 .P5915,Gr.3T.S

Twentieth-Century Choral Music:  An Annotated Bibliography of Music Suitable for Use by High School Choirs / J. Perry White.
ML 128 .C48 W53 1990

American Choral Literature

American Choral Music Since 1920: An Annotated Guide / David P. DeVenney.
ML 128 .C58 D45 1993

American Oratorios and Cantatas: A Catalog of Works Written in the United States from Colonial Times to 1985 / Thurston J. Dox (2 volumes)
ML 128 .O45 D7 1986

The American Psalter: The Psalms and Canticles According to the Use of the Protestant Episcopal Church
Maag Scores M 2169 .P96 P78 (3rd floor)