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Sing It!: Subject Headings

Resources for Singers, Choral Directors, and Vocal Music Researchers

Library of Congress Subject Headings for Voice Students

Acting in opera

Acting--Psychological aspects

Dramatic music

French language--Dictionaries

French language--Phonetics

French language--Pronunciation

German language--Dictionaries

German language--Phonetics

German language--Pronunciation

Humorous Songs

Italian language--Dictionaries

Italian language--Phonetics

Italian language--Pronunciation

Music acoustics and physics

Music--Instruction and study

Music--Performance--Psychological aspects

Musical accompaniment

Musicals--Excerpts--Vocal scores with piano

Musicals--Vocal scores with piano


Opera--Production and direction

Operas--Excerpts--Vocal scores with piano

Operas--Interpretation (Phrasing, dynamics, etc.)


Operas--Vocal scores with piano

Oratorios--Excerpts--Vocal scores with piano

Oratorios--Vocal scores with piano

Part songs

Phonetic alphabet

Sacred songs

Sacred songs--Bibliography

Sacred songs (Medium voice) with piano




Singing--Instruction and study

Singing--Interpretation (Phrasing, dynamics, etc.)

Singing methods

Singing quotations, maxims, etc.

Singing--Psychological aspects

Solo cantatas, Sacred (High voice)--Vocal scores with piano

Solo cantatas, Secular

Song cycles

Songs--17th century

Songs--Analysis, appreciation


Songs, English

Songs, English--Canada


Songs, French

Songs, French--History and criticism

Songs, German

Songs, German--History and criticism

Songs, German--Texts

Songs (High voice)

Songs (High voice) with piano

Songs -- History and criticism


Songs, Italian

Songs (Low voice)

Songs (Low voice) with piano

Songs (Medium voice) with piano

Songs (Medium voice) with organ


Spirituals (Songs)

Vocal duets

Vocal duets with piano

Vocal music--Bibliography


Voice culture